Be A Cunning Linguist

You cooked a delicious meal for dinner, set up the candles and John Mayer is crooning in the background - still no action. What gives? Maybe you didn't say the right words. Trigger her mating instincts with these verbal cues.

“I screwed up and want to hear your thoughts.”

Whether you blabbed a friend’s secret or ran over the neighbour’s bike, admit it. Confessing an error in judgment leaves you exposed and vulnerable, which makes a woman want to wrap you in her arms. Telling her about it wins her over even more – you’re showing that you value her opinion. The resulting combo of compassion and confidence will inspire her to make everything all better – or at least distract you.


“Did you know you have a heart-shaped freckle on the back of your left thigh?”

After the first few months of sex, inch-by- inch body exploration yields to cut-to-the-chase  carnality. That’s a shame,  because having her body mapped puts a woman in the mood for luxurious sex. Pull aside the blankets and run your eyes and fingertips from her toes to her earlobes, making admiring comments along the way. You won’t get past her elbows before she pulls you in for a deep, wet kiss.

“I’m organising a team to help out at the old folks’ home.”

Whether it’s climbing mountains with underprivileged kids or carrying the old auntie’s groceries, helping others boosts your sexy factor for two reasons. First, altruism shows her that you can put your own needs aside, which inspires her to 

take care of them for you. Second, your good deeds make her feel as if she’s dating “up”, because clearly you’re a better person than she is. She’ll want to join forces with you in your life’s quest.

“You must be exhausted. Let’s take a hot shower and I’ll scrub your back.”

The No. 1 reason your partner turns down sex is because she’s stressed. And while she knows there’s no better 

cure for wound-up nerves than a springrelease orgasm, it can be hard to shake off the day’s distractions. By turning on the hot water and lighting aromatherapy candles, you’ll offer a tension-melting solution she can’t refuse. Once the hot water and your soapy hands chase the stress away, she’ll feel sexy again.

“I want to accomplish a few key things in the next five years.”

When a woman hears a man talk about the future with a nonchalant attitude, her level of respect for him drops and her  thighs snap shut. She was surrounded by way  too many of those aimless dudes back in college and she doesn’t need 

another. She’s learnt that men who have clear goals and realistic plans for achieving them are rare. She’ll appreciate your far-sightedness. Making up your mind settles hers as well. 

“I’m taking the day off tomorrow to chaperone my niece’s school excursion.”

While a woman is impressed by a man who’s driven to succeed, she’s even more tantalised by a  striver who’s willing to put a family member or relative first – extra points if that relative is under 12. She’ll instantly flash-forward to when you’re the sweet, caring father of her children, at which point her heart will go all gooey. Come back from your outing with a cute stuffed animal for her and she’ll practically drag you into bed.

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