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Sex & Relationships

8 Ways to Make Yourself Irresistible to Women


1 Plan That Trip You've Been Putting Off
Think big: hiking in Bolivia, wreck diving off Fiji, kayaking Norway's fjords. A man who's about to go on — or is just back from — a ballsy adventure emits an irresistable glow.

2 Get A $100 Haircut
Go to an upscale, unisex salon and ask for the owner or head stylist. Don't let a beauty-school grad touch those locks.

3 Browse Organic Markets
Healthy, happy, successful single women channel unused sexual energy into a deep hatred of pesticides.

4 Become A Regular At Someplace Plush
Find a hip, bustling bar or restaurant in your hood and go once a week — with friends, with coworkers, or alone. Tip well. After a month, you'll have a rapport with the staff that, at best, could lead to introductions and invitations. At the least, it will impress a date when you finally take one there.

5 Renovate A Room
Find women in the world of interior decorating. From looking for furniture to picking out paint to browsing light fixtures, you'll be surrounded by single ladies. Breaking the ice is as easy as asking her opinion.

6 Throw A Bash
Or pay talented people to throw one for you. Hire a caterer, a bartender, and a DJ, and invite everyone you know. It's expensive, but the exposure is worth it.

7 Read Gabriel García Márquez Novels In Public
Women figure if you understand Márquez, you can't possibly be bad in bed.

8 Donate Your Time Or Money
Find a glitzy non-profit organisation — something involving art, music, or theatre. It'll add more events to your social calendar, more clout to your character, and more valid opportunities to meet professional dancers.


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