6 Surprising Times She'll Want Sex From You

When it comes to sex, men are easily predictable. We're up for action anytime unless the Liverpool versus Manchester United match is on. 

Women are trickier. We know that flowers and dinners and foot rubs work. Sometimes. Then there are the times when we get lucky and our favourite thing comes out of nowhere. These are some of those surprising moments.

When Her Favourite Aunt Dies
Your squeeze is craving comfort and affirmation of life, and sex fits that bill. Senses are rocked, and sex is a way to reinforce vitality and appease the senses.

When Her BFF Is Going Through A Breakup
She's just heard every detail of her friend's war of the roses. She'll look at you and think about how lucky she is. A lot of times she'll want sex just to seek her own sense of security.

When She's Just Dropped $300 For A Pair Of Jeans
Trying on clothing often gets a woman in the mood for sex because she's turned on by enhancing herself — either by being happy with her body or just by buying an article of clothing she feels good about.

When She Finishes A 70-Hour Week
She wants to focus on her pleasure and needs. She might want the comfort of being near somebody who cares for her, who will understand that she wants sex but she might be too tired to do a lot of the work.

When It's That Time Of The Month
She's nervous as she awaits her period, and when she gets it, she feels relieved. This makes some women (warning: just some) feel sexy and adventurous. A woman is very aware of her sexuality at this time, and hormones are raging. And that's not always bad.

When You Just Broke Up
She wants sex now to make one last emotional connection with you and to show you what you'll be missing. 


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