6 Secrets For Sizzling First-Time Sex

Sex is not just a physical connection - it's also an emotional one as well.

If you think the only thing on our minds while you’re making out with us for the first time is whether your manhood is impressive, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. Says US-based sex therapist Sandor Gardos, PhD: “Women see sex not only as a physical connection but a very important emotional one, too.” So, here’s how to focus on her wants and needs – to build an emotional connection so strong, it’ll blow her mind. 

1. Create The Right Atmosphere 
What She Wants: Romantic fun.
We all need the right setting to get in the mood for sex. When it comes to first-time sex, it’s always safer to stick to a private and romantic theme. Consider booking a room at a standard hotel instead of a budget one. If you’re planning on inviting her to your place, ensure that you have fresh sheets on the bed, no dirty underwear lying around, and a clean toilet. According to a US survey, more than 60 per cent of women said a clean bathroom is important.
Hot Tip: Do something unusual, such as serenading her with a love song, showing a card trick or reading a poem. It will help create the right mood – and impress her at the same time.
2. Be Patient
What She Wants: A man who understands her needs and wants.
Each woman is different, so some trial and error might be required to find out what turns her on. Read her body language. If she brings her body closer to you and moans during sex, it’s clear she’s enjoying it. If she tenses up, turns slightly away from you or pushes your hand away, retreat into what she was comfortable with earlier. Spend more time doing what she enjoys instead of rushing in for the kill. “Make it a teasing game. Always touch her most sensitive parts last,” suggests Jennifer Worick, author of Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Dating And Sex. 
Hot Tip: Caress her entire body instead of paying attention only to certain parts.
3. Use Your Hand

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