5 Things You Need To Know About Her Breasts

Stop gawking. Navigate her breasts better with these amazing facts about her assets.
Men like women’s breasts. Women like men who know how to appreciate, and handle, their assets. So, don’t just gawk when she grants you access to her mounds of flesh. Breast those fascinating summits with these even more amazing facts about her twin peaks.

1. The left may be bigger
One side more a handful than the other? Well, you aren’t imagining things. About one quarter of all women have one breast that is larger than the other, says Dr Keri Peterson, an expert in preventive medicine in the US. And it’s usually the left which dominates – for about 65 percent of women with breast asymmetry. The left side of her body appears to react more to the factors that control breast shape and size, suggests a Turkish study. You’ll want her to take note of sudden spikes in breast size though – if she hasn’t already. Such an abrupt change, together with lumps or increased tenderness, could be signs of infection, cysts, or even breast cancer, says Dr Peterson.

2. Their sizes may fluctuate
Her chest gives you an indication of when her period is. A week or two before menstruation, her body produces hormones which trigger more water retention. This causes her breast tissue and milk glands to grow. Her bra size, in turn, receives an instant upgrade. Some women can grow as much as a cup size bigger. But don’t be too enthusiastic with your hands: If she is about to be on her period, direct stimulation of her babies can be more painful and decrease sexual arousal, says Dr Leah Millheiser, an expert in women’s health in the Stanford School of Medicine in the US.

3. Help her feel for anything strange
Still, if you feel anything unexpected under her bra – nipple massagers don’t count – do the manly thing by encouraging her to get a professional breast exam, says Dr Millheiser. A majority of those scary bumps, usually triggered by hormonal changes, are non-cancerous. These include cysts, which usually feel like soft grapes, or fibroadenomas, rubbery moveable masses of flesh. Get her in to the doctor’s once a year, or bi-yearly if she has a family history of breast cancer, says Millheiser.

4. Breasts get their own orgasms
Only the women get it. Experts from Rutgers University in Canada found that nipple stimulation activated the part of a woman’s brain that also lights up with genital action. In another study conducted on 213 women, 29 per cent of the ladies reported experiencing a nipple-gasm. Now, don’t let those scientists – and their subjects – have all the fun. Help her puppies reach new pleasure highs with these two titillating techniques.

5. Her nipples are not as sensitive as you think they are
While her nipples may be the new centres for ecstasy, don’t sacrifice her entire chest for those two dark spots. The nipple is actually the least sensitive to touch, says Debbie Herbenick, Ph.D., a sexual-health researcher at Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute in the US. In a study on 150 women, Austrian researchers also found that the top quarter of the breast (search for the area between 10 and 2 o’clock) felt sensations most strongly. This is followed by the areolas – the dark area circling the nipple – and bottom of the heap, the nipple itself. So, don’t be fixated on one area. The more territory covered, the better. 


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