5 Sex Positions For The Lazy Man

Non-stop partying, eleventh-hour Christmas shopping and last minute attempts to meet work- related deadlines before the year ends may leave you drained and exhausted. But all that activity doesn’t need to – and shouldn’t – take a toll on your sex life. These five lazy but darn effective sex positions will keep you powered up all the way till you sing Auld Lang Syne.

1. Side-By-Side
Lie side-by-side, facing each other, with your bellies touching. Then slip your leg between her thighs. This position is great if you enjoy eye contact and kissing during sex, but want to relax and take it slow. In this position, both of you are in equal control. You can take turns to do the work.
Allow your free hand to roam down her back to her buttocks. “Many women expect you to grab their buttocks during sex,” says Linda De Villers, PhD, a US-based clinical sex therapist and author of Love Skills. To increase the depth of penetration, bend her knees towards her chest. Kiss her, nibbling her upper lip and the tip of her tongue.
“It may be that a bite on her lip at that particular time gives just the right sensation to push her over the orgasmic edge,” says Debby Herbenick, PhD, a sex researcher at Indiana University in the US. When you’re both done, you’re already in a perfect post-coital position for cuddling and snoozing.
2. The Spoon
Think about how spoons are laid in cutlery trays: one behind the other. She lies on her side with her lower back straight, knees bent and slightly folded in towards her chest. You lie on your side behind her, facing the back of her head. Your hand is in a natural position to caress her breasts or work her clitoris.
Women find The Spoon not only physically arousing but also especially intimate. Breathe and whisper into her ear. It is a portal to two forms of arousal: physical (reflexogenic) and mental (psychogenic), says Emily Nagoski, PhD, a US-based health educator. “It feels very intimate to let a person that close,” says Herbenick.
Touch and lick her earlobes. “There are men and women who can actually climax just from stimulation of the earlobes,” says De Villers. If she loves everything about this position but also wants face-to-face intimacy, place a mirror in front of her so you can look at each other.
3. The Reverse Spoon
You must have heard of someone getting it upside down. Here’s one way to do it: Similar to The Spoon, she lies on her side with her knees bent and folded in towards her chest. You lie on your side behind her but, this time, with your feet behind her head. While you’re having a bottom-up view of her clitoris, reach for it. You are in an ideal position to touch and lick her feet – which, according to Michelle Ebbin, a US-based massage expert, is the “ultimate erogenous zone”. Maintain eye contact and watch her enjoy the multiple, concurrent stimulation.
4. The Lazy Doggy
You don’t have to give up the doggy if you’re tired. Do The Lazy Doggy. She lies face down, flat on her tummy, with pillows under her hips to prop them up and her legs extended behind her. Lie face down on top of her. To take some weight off her, bend your knees and place your legs on the bed.
For G-spot stimulation, use two or three pillows under her hips. “Her pelvis is angled and you have a better chance of hitting her G-spot,” says Linda Banner, PhD, author of Advanced Sexual Techniques. Cup her breasts by wrapping your arms under her body. Lick the nape of her neck or simply breathe on her skin or into her ear. She’ll never think of you as lazy after this.
5. The "T"
She lies on her back with both legs raised. You lie on your side, perpendicular to her body. Now, place her legs over your hips. Both your bodies now create the letter “T”. In between thrusting motions, try grinding and rotating in a circular motion. Use your free hand to caress her clitoris. Grab her legs to pull her closer to display got-to-have-you passion. “If she’s limber enough, she can also lift her leg, thus increasing penetration,” says Rene Hollander, PhD, a sex therapist.
If she’s feeling nasty, get her to form a “W” by bending her knees as though she is squatting on you. Use pillows and bolsters to support both your necks and backs for maximum comfort. These positions may be relaxing enough for you to fall asleep but, whatever you do – don’t... well, at least not until after you’re both satisfied.

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