4 Sure-Fire Pick Up Lines

Generally, pick-up lines that border on cocky, aloof and arrogant turn most women off. The key to getting a babe to talk to you (and keep talking) is to have a real conversation that connects you to the person she is. Here are a few openers that will definitely give you a head start.

1. “Hi”
Recommended Use: Pair it off with a genuine, warm smile. An entry-level line applicable to any situation or social event.
Why It Works: After a lifetime of being on the receiving end of bad pick-up lines, most women have near-zero tolerance for anything that sounds remotely phony. But even these girls would feel obliged to respond with at least a smile out of courtesy. From there on, it’s in your court.
2. “How Do You Like The Music?”
Recommended Use: In clubs and concerts, when you’re standing next to that gorgeous woman but have no idea how to begin a conversation.
Why It Works: From personal experience and the observation of countless girlfriends, this (a) sounds harmless enough not to qualify as an annoying come-on, and (b) is a topic any woman will definitely have an opinion about.
3.“So, How Do You Know (Insert Name Here)?”
Recommended Use: At parties and events, where you hardly know anyone. These are rich grounds for meeting new people, but the trick is to connect with a complete stranger with no information about her.
Why It Works: According to a study published in the journal Communication Quarterly, there are five styles of flirting, and each conveys a different message about the flirter’s intentions. The line above constitutes “polite” flirting, which features “non-sexual communication and proper manners”. Women usually get the subtext of propriety behind this approach and respond favourably.
4. “Is There Anything You Can't Do?”
Recommended Use: At art exhibitions and theatre receptions, when you want to chat up the lovely photographer, director or artist. This is an advanced-level line that must be delivered with playful admiration that doesn’t border on groupie love.
Why It Works: A friend of mine who’s a photographer held her own exhibition last year. While she was thrilled by the positive reception from the people who attended the event, she got quite bored after 30 people asked her the same things repeatedly. Then, some guy came up and delivered the above line with such finesse that she was left dumbstruck. The line, delivered with a touch of good-natured teasing, shows her you’re confident, have a good sense of humour and also appreciative of her talent.

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