18 Sex Tips From Fellow Singaporeans

Here's how to celebrate Valentine's Day with a bang.

Planning to make Valentine's Day a memorable one for her?

There's always the expensive gifts and romantic dinners, but if you know you're getting some bedroom action, it's time to learn a new trick or two.

Expand your repertoire of skills and take her excitement to the next level, rather than sticking to your usual routine which she may have already gotten sick of.

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Below is a list of sex tips gathered from real Singaporeans that you may want to try.

1. Don't confine to just your bed. The house can be your oasis. The bathroom, the dining table, against the wall, against the window if on a very high floor in a hotel with the curtains open, on the beach late at night when on vacation, on a plane even the hands work magic without actually having sex, all you will wanna do is each other after landing and checking in to your hotel. - Menaga M.

2. The back of your car in a deserted carpark could be ideal if both of you are thrillseekers. - Marcus W.

3. Experiment with warm tea, an ice cube or mouth wash when going south. Temperatures create great variations. - Jeff Y.

4. It's got to be to do your planning, and plan it to perfection. 1) set up everything without a hitch 2) make sure she feels relaxed, pick her up from work. 3) go to a great place for dinner + a nice hotel 4) always arrange it on a Friday so you don't have to think about going to work the next day! 5) set the mood, with a nice bath and a relaxing massage in the bath tub. 6) it will lead to sexual foreplay in the toilet. - Richard C.

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5. Start with a body massage to relax her body and rejuvenate her hormones, then complement her wonderful body. Whisper lovely words into her ears. Shower her with all your love. This will melt her heart. - Jason L.

6.  Pepper the day with sweet nothings, slipping a naughty note into her purse, sending a cheeky text, delivering a bouquet to her office and then set the mood with a candle dinner before upping the excitement by going somewhere new for the night. - Stephen T.

7. Be adventurous enough to experiment with new stuff. You'll never know what you like until you try. Variety is the spice of life. - Lisa P.

8.  Tantric moves. An example of a tantric activity is to sit facing one another. Each partner puts their hand on their partner's heart, in the middle of the chest. You then put your other hand on top of your partner's. Softly gaze into one another's eyes and breathe slowly. You can try doing this activity in the nude as a prelude to making love; get physically closer with one partner sitting in the other's lap. - Boon Hwee T.

9. Awesome music to get lost in - Al Green and Etta James is highly recommended! - Meg K.

10. Soothing music, romantic and relaxing atmosphere, set the mood with nice bath and massage. Dim light, cooling temperature and diffusing the room with lavender essential oil for relaxing effect. - Adeline T.

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11. Help with the household chores and errant. That will help lighten the load and put her in the mood. - Andrew L.

12. No 1 sex tip : Never never forget about foreplay. it set the mood and get her sex-cited. - Vincent L.

13. Put reed diffuser, dim the light and play some romantic music in the background. - Jimmy L.

14. Intimate candlelight dinner in an unusual setting like a midnight yacht charter sailing in the moonlight. - Fathima I.

15. Sending dirty texts/pictures throughtout the day will keep both of you excited and create a sexual build-up when you finally see each other after work. - Jack D.

16. Regular exercise to maintain fitness always helps! - Ken O.

17. Role play makes for great variations and excitement! - Shahrim M.

18. Sexy lingerie and undies to set the mood! - Rahama Tunnisa


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