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Run Together For Better Sex


You're a running sort of guy and she's the dieting sort of girl. She may never be able to convince you the benefits of the Atkins plan (what?! No rice?!?), but you might just be able to get her off her cute little butt and onto the pavement with you. The benefits are obvious: reasons to buy shoes (for her); the view of her in tiny shorts (for you); and the after-workout sex (for both).

The Plan
Assuming you’ve convinced her to lace up, now you’ve got to let her know what to expect. “Before the run proper, it’s a good idea to understand the limits of your partner, and adjust it according to her capability,” says Shanmugam Balasubramanian, an athletics coach. Understand her athletic ability and come to a consensus on how long, or short the run should be. Tell her about your intended route’s distance, terrain, and gradient, says Shanmugam. Also, gauge and inform her of the timing that you’ll both expect to finish the run in.

The Pace

Allow her to set the tempo on your first few runs, but once you realise how much more she can improve, gradually urge her to go faster. “If the slower runner sets the pace all the time, she may stay in her comfort zone for too long and not improve,” says Shanmugam. “Pace setting should be a two-way process.” Alternatively, use these slower sessions as a recovery day for you after a long run the day before. But here’s the best gift. You can give her – a heart rate monitor (the Polar Fitness F4 is an excellent entry-level heart rate monitor and watch), to log her running performance and motivate her to come back for another running session.

The Training Programme
Sharpen the axe and you’ll fell the tree much quicker – use slow running sessions as a great opportunity to perfect your running form. With good form, you’ll conserve energy, reduce injuries, and stop looking like a Neanderthal in track shoes. Hone up with these tips from Shanmugam.

Loosen Up: Keep your back straight but not rigid. Make sure your neck and arms are relaxed, if you  feel tensed, lean forward slightly from your waist. A slight forward lean is the most efficient way to run, says Shanmugam. It relaxes your arms, back, neck, shoulders and diaphragm.

Straighten Up: If you’re leaning too far forward, you’ll feel it. You can’t keep your head up, and your breathing will be impaired. Lean back slightly. Also, keep your neck straight and relaxed. “Efficient running is all about relaxation,” says Shanmugam.

Run Light: Take short, quiet, and light steps, keeping your feet close to the ground.  Don’t slap your feet, or scrape your shoes on the ground when you run. Flex your knees slightly with each foot strike.

While She Is Sitting

If you're left with plenty of gas left in the tank right after leisurely jog, get her to take a five-minute break while you head out for a fartlek session. “Use the principle of an easy start and a strong finish,” says Shanmugam. Jog for three minutes, then gradually pick up the pace and end with a two-minute run. “Increase your speed until the last 20 seconds then maintain the pace until you stop,” advises Shanmugam.


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