Pokemon Go: Niantic Confirms You’ll Be Able To Trade Pokemon

  • In-game leaders of Pokemon Go teams
    1 / 5 In-game leaders of Pokemon Go teams

    When players reach level five, they pick one of three teams, Mystic, Instict or Valor. Previously, leaders only appeared in silhouette.

    Now, Team Mystic will be led by Blanche, an icy blonde. Team Instinct by Spark who sports light brown hair and an orange-black hoodie-blazer. And Team Valor is helmed by Candela who has brown skin and a stylish white jacket with red accents.

    Image: Pokemon Go

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  • Trading in Pokemon Go
    2 / 5 Trading in Pokemon Go

    Hanke praised the idea of trading Pokemon as “a great social thing”—revealing that it’s something Niantic is working on for Pokemon Go even though there’s no planned release date for the feature.

    “I’m sorry, I don’t have a date for you,” Hanke said, stressing that the team’s current focus is ensuring server stability and making sure Pokemon Go is available worldwide.

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    Niantic is also looking into customisation of Pokestops, perhaps even giving these locations Pokemon Center-style healing capabilities.

    The idea of breeding in the game also came up at the panel discussion, which Hanke called a “great suggestion” that has indeed been considered but not confirmed as an upcoming feature—adding that the game currently features just 10 percent of the team’s ideas when the app first started development.

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  • More Easter eggs
    3 / 5 More Easter eggs

    There are lots of secrets hidden inside of Pokemon Go.

    First, Hanke confirmed the naming trick for Eevee (the Pokemon you see here) in order to influence its evolution.

    “If you name your Eevee properly, you can control how it’s gonna evolve,” Hanke said before adding, “there might be some other Easter eggs buried in there yet to be discovered.”

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  • Augmented reality
    4 / 5 Augmented reality

    If you haven’t already noticed, AR—and not virtual reality (VR)—plays a big part in the Pokemon Go experience..

    Hanke said VR “scares him a little bit” in the sense that players close themselves off from the world—adding that as a parent, he’s already concerned about the time his children spend in front of a screen, and VR will take more away from the face-to-face time he can spend with them.

    AR, on the other hand, has “a huge amount of potentital” to make things more fun.

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  • Server troubles and game glitches
    5 / 5 Server troubles and game glitches

    Hanke assured players that server stability is “at the top of our priority list” at Niantic.

    In fact, there is a laundry list of things the team wants to fix, including a “three-step glitch” that makes nearby Pokemon tracking useless.

    Niantic is also exploring ways to prevent players from exploiting features such as poaching gyms immediately after they’ve been won.

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