Pokemon Go: 5 Crucial Things You Should Know Before You Start Playing

  • Don’t Waste Your Stardust
    1 / 4 Don’t Waste Your Stardust

    You’ll be tempted to power up your Squirtle the moment you get it as a starter, or with any of the first few Pokemon you catch due to the excitement and all. But hold it right there.

    Powering them up with your hard-earned stardust and candies (each Pokemon you catch gives you three candies) won’t be able to evolve them. Plus, you may chance upon the same type of Pokemon that possesses a much higher level of CP – thus sparing you the need to power up your lower CP buddy. 

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  • Think About Which Side To Be On
    2 / 4 Think About Which Side To Be On

    When it comes to trying to take over or defend gyms, you have to hit level 5 first and then pick a side from these three teams: Instinct, Mystic and Valor.

    Afterwhich, it’s time to flex your Pokemon’s muscle at the gym.

    There’s no need to worry if you only have a bunch of them with CP ranging from 300 to 400, and you’re trying to attack a gym defended by a CP1,500 Flareon.

    Pick the right type of Pokemon and you’ll win half the battle – plus you can use six types of Pokemon to defeat the gym.

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  • The Power Of Clones
    3 / 4 The Power Of Clones

    You are bound to come across a certain type of Pokemon more often than once, like a Pidgey, but there’s no need to frown and run.

    Catch those Pidgeys and transfer the ones with the lower CP to Professor Oak – essentially gaining you an extra candy for that Pokemon.

    The more candies you have, the faster you’ll get to evolving that particular Pokemon.

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  • Battle Sequences
    4 / 4 Battle Sequences

    As you may have realised, the battle sequence in Pokemon Go is totally different from the game we’re used to.

    It’s not turn-based, but if you’re able to hone your battle tactics – like perfecting dodges (by swiping) and using the super effective attacks at the right moment – then you’ll be able to deal much heavier damage as compared to blindly jabbing at the screen.


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