Can Pokemon Go Make You Big Bucks? These Singaporeans Are Trying Too!

  • Pokemon Go Level 20 - $450
    1 / 4 Pokemon Go Level 20 - $450

    A Carousell user by the name of funkyfur is selling a Pokemon Go level 20 account for $450.

    To some, that’s a steep price to pay but a Pokemon fan may  be tempted by what you would get on this account – among others, a Charizard, Starmie, Arcanine and a CP 1496 Gyarados.

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  • Pokemon Go Level 6 - $25
    2 / 4 Pokemon Go Level 6 - $25

    Maybe you want a basic account that’s just ahead of everyone else by a couple of levels – then this offer by anthonyromanelli might just pique your interest.

    For only $25 (compared to the top tier ones), you’ll get a level 6 account with 26 types of Pokemon. Besides, it was played in the US so there may be Pokemon types that you won’t be able to find in Singapore. 

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  • Pokemon Go Level 23 - $2500
    3 / 4 Pokemon Go Level 23 - $2500

    For the ballers out there, this account is being sold for a hefty $2,500 by someone called xkkkkkk.

    The user stated that the price is non-negotiable and if you’re wondering why it’s so expensive – the account’s got a CP2066 Dragonite (the highest level out of four Dragonites within the player’s Pokedex), as well as a CP 1654 Vaporeon. Tempted?

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  • Pokemon Go Trip
    4 / 4 Pokemon Go Trip

    Need a lift while hunting for Pokemons? Then this Uber-like offer by Carousell user pokemongym will certainly appeal to your quest to become a Pokemon master. The gist of this concept is this: if you’re opting for a one-day tour, you’ll get three locations with two hours to spend at each area. No prices have been quoted as of yet but it’s another money-making tool nonetheless.

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