5 Craziest Pokemon Go Stories (That Could Happen In Singapore)

  • Cheating Boyfriend Gets Caught Via Pokemon Go
    1 / 5 Cheating Boyfriend Gets Caught Via Pokemon Go

    In New York City, Evan Scribner told the New York Post that his girlfriend called him out for cheating after accessing his Pokemon Go app.

    “She saw that I had caught a Pokemon while at my ex’s house,” Scribner said.

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    The geolocation feature of the mobile game records where each Pokemon is captured. And Scribner didn’t have a good excuse as to why he was poking around his ex’s neighbourhood, since he was indeed fooling around with an ex-girlfriend, according to the Post.

    “She found out… and hasn’t contacted me since then,” Scribner added.

    Photo: Pokemon Go

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  • Professional Pokemon Services In Real Life
    2 / 5 Professional Pokemon Services In Real Life

    Earlier this week, if you were in New York City’s East Village, you could hire Ivy St. Ive, a badass chick with a Golbat tattoo, to catch ’em all for you.

    The 24-year-old journalist became an Internet sensation when she advertised on Craigslist as a “professional Pokemon Go trainer” offering: “I will walk around in 1-4 hour shifts signed in to your account capturing every single Pokemon I come into contact with, activating every Poke Stop I pass and walking nonstop to help hatch your eggs. I’ll even send you hourly updates while you’re at work/class/on a hot date informing you of any really exciting things I’ve come across for you”—all for US$20/hour.

    A photo posted by @ivystive on

    Thinking of following in her footsteps? Hold up.

    The Level 14 Pokemon Go trainer (who lied about achieving Level 15) took down her posting soon after, stating on social media that she got “several emails from people warning me that offering to be a Pokemon trainer IRL is completely against the terms and services of Niantic, a company that is notorious for banning people and their account-holders.”

    She added: “I don’t want to break any laws and I definitely don’t want to get banned from Pokemon GO, the game I have been waiting for since 1997 just to make a quick buck.”

    That said, she’s now working on a Pokemon Go guidebook…

    And, oh, if you’re a driver for hire, here’s a video suggesting a service for chasing imaginary creatures:

    Or, if you own a drone…

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  • Dead Bodies And Funeral Games
    3 / 5 Dead Bodies And Funeral Games

    First, an unsuspecting 19-year-old girl in Wyoming discovered a dead body in a river while playing Pokemon Go.

    “I was trying to get a Pokemon from a natural water resource,” Shayla Wiggins told local news outlet County 10. “I was walking towards the bridge along the shore when I saw something in the water… I had to take a second look and I realised it was a body.”

    After that, more people are reportedly stumbling across dead bodies while playing Pokemon Go here and here.

    Players can also find Pokemon in inappropriate places such as memorials, graveyards, and coffins at funerals. (Though, to be fair, nothing’s technically stopping you from playing Candy Crush or using Tinder at a wake either.)

    Or next to a dead rat(tata).

    There’s even a Tumblr dedicated to Pokemon at funerals.

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  • Falling Into A Pond Playing Pokemon Go
    4 / 5 Falling Into A Pond Playing Pokemon Go

    A 25-year-old gamer in New York City (again) was live-streaming himself playing Pokemon Go at night near a park bridge (where he quickly caught a Rattata).

    But Albert Monina, like many people engrossed in the game, didn’t notice a moss-covered pond near the bridge and walked right in—giving new meaning to streaming live on social media.

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  • Pokemon Go Can Get You Laid
    5 / 5 Pokemon Go Can Get You Laid

    Pokemon Go has shot to the top of app stores since it launched in the US, New Zealand, Australia and, most recently, the UK.

    In the States, Android users have installed the game more times than they have downloaded the dating app Tinder. And for some players, it’s also provided opportunities to catch both a Pokemon and a date out in the wild.

    “I was walking around the town after dinner, trying to hatch my eggs,” Reddit user UnityTreeofSavior shared shortly after the game launched. “I caught a few Pidgeys and one Eevee, nothing special. I was about to start walking back home, then some girl asked, “Hey, are you playing Pokémon Go too?” Then we just talked about Pokémon.”

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    Turned out, the girl had a “far superior” Pokemon Go collection, but UnityTreeofSavior snagged something better: “…I am meeting her again tomorrow! I asked her out on a date and she said yes! Thank you Pokémon Go!”

    Others have repeated the same sentiments on Twitter.

    Good luck!

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