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The haze poses serious health hazards, especially to those with a history of respiratory illness. Do you know which PSI level is considered too unhealthy to go outdoors and at which point do you need to wear a mask? We explain.
Hit the “temp down” button on your air-con remote too many times, and you may hurt your productivity and your wallet.
These five skin ailments aren’t just the stuff of Hollywood scripts. They’re rare, but very real.
Don’t let your feet give up on you. Help them beat these four common ailments with these top tips.
“Heaty” and “cooling” has less to do with the nature of your food or the weather, and more with why you're falling sick.
We put the new Jawbone UP tracker through the paces in this 2-week, 24/7 road test to see if it can get you to live healthier.
Energy drinks may give you a temporary power boost, but at what cost?
The temperature is rising, and along with it comes a host of heat-related ailments. Here’s how to beat the most common four.


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Our editor thinks that the powers-that-be in world football are inept in the way they police what Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger calls “financial doping”. Read More
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