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Men’s Health finds out that we may have a problem even bigger than the scandal involving an underaged prostitute and her high-profile clients.
Ward off your body’s muscle-destroying, fat-storing myostatin protein with good, old-fashioned exercise.
Road hazards? Bah! The stuff inside your car can be as hazardous as the ones outside.
Surprise: Sliced fruits hold their nutrient content quite well, but only if you store them right.
Hold that sneeze. We separate allergy fact from fiction to stop all your respiratory problems for good.
Your heart, and your boss, will thank you for taking that mid-morning or late-afternoon break from work.
Don’t let coronaviruses or other infections prevent you from returning to Singapore after your holiday trip.
Tissue creep affects just about anybody who’s spending long periods of time at his workstation. Don’t fall victim to the aches and pains.


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Men's Health Urbanathlon 2014: You have been CERTIFIED TOUGH
Urbanathletes, you've just conquered the most challenging edition of the Men's Health Urbanathlon ever!

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