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With the right discipline, encouragement and reinforcement, you can program yourself to start a healthy habit quite easily.
Investing in ergonomic office equipment as well as inculcating proper habits can be a boost for both your health and productivity.
Vanity not enough of a reason for you to burn off excess fat with exercise? Lose your gut and you could also gain more money, more sex and a rosier outlook on life.
Knowing your blood type won't only save your life in an emergency, it can help you plan a healthier lifestyle. Find out how you should tweak your habits, based on which blood type you belong to.
If your eyes are continually red and itching, it may not just be the haze. In fact, that incessant itch could signal more serious eye conditions that could even threaten your sight. Take action before it's too late.
If you want to see your 85th birthday, limit your alcohol to two drinks a day. This may make you less likely to die of cardio-vascular disease. As you savour your pinot, swallow these other stay-young secrets.
Lack of sleep doesn't just affect your work productivity, it affects your health and in more ways than you've realised. We dispel some common myths related to sleeping and why you should pay closer attention to your snoozing habits.
Going for an annual health screening is always good practice, but if you're not ready to take that step just yet, you can still allay your fears with these DIY self-tests.


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