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Judge your mucus by its colour – because it could be telling you something about your health.
No s**t! It really pays to curse when you’re fighting pain.
If you want to keep germs and viruses off your hands, dump the hand shake – and start using the fist bump.
Your DNA determines your susceptibility to heart issues. Spot these signs for faster diagnosis.
A study has found that heart failure afflicts Asians earlier than others – and Singaporeans are at higher risk.
Hey stud, don’t make your member tender. (Remember, even sex machines need some time to recharge.)
Don’t end up as “patient zero” after your next exotic holiday. Take steps to protect yourself from these health threats which linger abroad.
Don’t let this “silent” disease creep up on you. Ward off colon cancer, the most common cancer among Singaporean men, with these tips.


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Men's Health Urbanathlon 2014: You have been CERTIFIED TOUGH
Urbanathletes, you've just conquered the most challenging edition of the Men's Health Urbanathlon ever!

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Warning: the following videos may cause many otherwise calm adults to jigger and froth – be it with happiness or contempt. Read More
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