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Your sleep cycle may determine how your body stores fat, say researchers in Singapore.
The emotions triggered by seeing Facebook photos of your friends partying, while you’re stuck at your computer, are more damaging than you think they are.
Heart disease is the second biggest killer of Singapore men. So use our plan to keep your ticker in tip-top shape.
Staying too long under the sun has fried your skin. Here’s how to soothe the red, angry problem.
Sleep easy, you’re not falling off a cliff. The only thing which is interrupting your sleep is the mildly annoying hypnic jerk.
Your next appointment with your optometrist may unveil health issues which a new pair of spectacles cannot address.
No amount of brushing can hide the evidence which health problems may leave in your mouth. Start opening wide for your dentist.
The deadly PM2.5 is one of the reasons why the haze-filled air around you appears murkier and more acrid-smelling than the PSI suggests.


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