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We know you're gung-ho about embarking on your new fitness regime but book that medical appointment with your doctor before you start. Make sure you're checked out for any health conditions or injuries that may send you to the emergency ward. This checklist can save your life.
Use baking soda to make your feet smell better and to boost your sports performance? Yes, you can. Find out the interesting other uses for baking soda, besides baking.
Knee osteoarthritis doesn't just affect the elderly or the obese. An increasing number of athletes are suffering from this medical condition due to over-straining their knees or poor running form. Here's how to reduce your chances of getting it.
From protecting your back to boosting your immunity, sex offers some unexpected health benefits. Find out how your favourite bedroom activity can turn into your number one medical prescription.
Feeling down? You don't need anti-depressants to get out of that blue funk; you can get happy in an instant with these five simple tips.
Stress only becomes a problem when you fail to deal with it properly. Know how to manage your stress and you can boost your productivity and get you ahead in life.
Don't wait for your routine medical screening to find out if there's something wrong with you! Perform these DIY health checks to regularly assess your health. You may be early enough to spot a problem and save your life.
Raise your carcinogen shields – and your overall health – using these seven smart anti-cancer moves.


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