Your Questions About Masturbation - Answered!

Spanking the monkey, cleaning the pipes, choking the chicken, crank the shank; whatever slang you may call it, it's still masturbation. There's nothing to be ashamed about playing with yourself. In fact, we often receive queries about masturbation. Here are some of the commonly asked questions, as replied by Dr. Martha Lee, clinical sexologist at Eros Coaching and a Men’s Health advisor.

Is Masturbation Harmful?
It is perfectly healthy and an important part of sexual health, tied to our physical, emotional and psychological states, says Dr. Lee. But be aware of your body – watch for signs of soreness or sensitivity, and slow down if needed. If your masturbation is causing you pain or you feel compulsive, talk to your doctor or a qualified sexologist.

Does Frequent Masturbation Cause Premature Ejaculation?
For most men, their earliest sexual experiences are with masturbation (done secretly and quickly, for fear of being found out). And such instances can lead to issues of premature ejaculation when they enter adulthood. However, by using a lubricant and slowing down the stroking action when you masturbate – and letting yourself enjoy the sensations – you can help delay ejaculation.
Will It Cause Headaches?
Any type of sexual activity that leads to orgasm – including masturbation, oral sex and intercourse – can trigger headaches. Possible causes include overexertion during sex or even strenuous sexual positions. People who frequently suffer from migraines are also more prone to sex headaches. If they are really bothering you, see your doctor.
Can Masturbation Replace The Thrill Of Sex?
Okay, stop “practising”. Masturbation won’t give you the kind of mind-blowing eye-roller that sex will. You know it, your partner knows it and what’s more, Mother Nature likes it that way. According to a study by Stuart Brody, professor of psychology at the University ofPaisley in Scotland, the body releases 400 per cent more of the hormoneprolactin (which makes us feel sexually satisfied) following vaginal penetration than it does after masturbation. “Evolutionary forces always reward behaviours associated with successful reproduction,” saysBrody. “And penile-vaginal sex is the only sexual behaviour that passes in your genes.” 


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