How To Have The Best Sleep Tonight

6 effective tips to give you a proper slumber.

Local studies estimate that insomnia affects 15.3 per cent of all Singaporeans and sleep apnoea syndromes impact 15 per cent of the population. To be a slumber-safe Singaporean, try these tips:

1. Don’t fill your stomach just before bed.
A light dinner must be finished two hours before sleep. If you are prone to heartburn, avoid spicy or acidic foods.

2. Avoid caffeine for eight hours before your planned bedtime.
Alcohol might be mistaken for a sedative, but it does disrupt sleep.

3. Indulge in a routine before bedtime.
This will make your body learn that it is time to sleep. A warm shower, fresh bedclothes and listening to soothing music can all be a part of this routine.

4. Sticking to a bedtime schedule.
Doing this on all days (including weekends) helps reinforce your body’s sleep/wake cycle and can help you fall asleep better at night.

5. Remove all reminders of work.
And other stimulants from the bedroom. Keep it dark, cool and silent. If necessary, install air conditioning and use soft eye pads to create an ideal environment.

6. Make sure you're comfy in bed.
Have a comfortable mattress and pillow, and enough space for you and the person you share your bed with.

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