Eat This, And This

Eat Veg With Fat...
To fight heart disease and cataracts
Eating colourful vegetables with some fat like cheese, butter or saladdressing helps to dissolve the carotenoids from the vegetables (theyhelp to reduce risk of cancer, heart diseases and cataracts), makingthem more easily digestable in our intestines. The fat is also part ofa chain that creates lipoproteins, which transport the carotenoids inthe bloodstream. Try half an avocado with a dollop of salsa.

Eat Fish With Broccoli...
To fight cancer
The selenium found in tuna and halibut raises the levels of thecancer-fighting enzyme TR-1. Likewise, broccoli provides sulforaphane,a plant chemical that also boosts TR-1. And when the two nutrients aretaken together, the tag team is 13 times more effective at slowing thegrowth of cancer cells than if taken individually. Selenium can also befound in turkey, beef, Brazil nuts and mushrooms, while cauliflower andcabbage are also rich sources of sulforaphane.

Eat Nuts With Beer...
To lower cholesterol
Some nuts with your brewsky is better for you than you might think.Nuts boost HDL (good cholesterol) while reducing LDL (bad cholesterol).Meanwhile, the beer you’re chugging on Friday nights acts as a bloodthinner, preventing the formation of clots that can block blood-flow toyour heart. As usual, moderation is the key: About 85g of nuts and oneor two glasses of beer (or wine) have been shown to reduceheart-disease risk without making you fat.

Eat Garlic With Fennel...
To fight cancer and halitosis
Both garlic and fennel contain active compounds that help preventcancer, according to University of Texas researchers. In fact, thesechemicals target cancer in different ways, so they complement eachother. But the active compound in fennel – anethol – provides anotherperk: It helps neutralise garlic breath by helping you produce saliva,inhibiting microbial overgrowth in your mouth.

Drink Coffee With A Workout...
To fight skin cancer
A combo of caffeine and exercise has been found to reduce drasticallythe risk of skin cancer as the damaged skin cells self-destruct beforethey can turn cancerous. The best part: The combined effects of the twoaren’t merely cumulative, it’s exponential.


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