Women In Black: These Ladies Are Only Wearing Duct Tape To Cover Themselves

The Black Tape Project has ladies dressed in just black duct-tape, and it's one of the most bizarre fashion trends we've ever heard of

There's a new fashion trend that's taking over the interwebs, and it's honestly pretty hard not to notice. The Black Tape Project, led by designer Joel Alvarez, is - simply put - him putting on ornate designs made out of duct tape on beautiful models, and nothing else. No bra, no cups, no nothing - just black tape. 

He describes this brain-child of his to be his very own 'exclusive fashion experiment', and looks like it's definitely catching the eyes of many.

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Some models are seen to be putting a modern twist on the trend, wearing jeans along with dazzling upper-body designs, while others are seen to put on as minimal amount of tape as possible.
The Daily Mail quoted Joel from his Facebook, with him saying: "Embodying the character of Miami’s nightlife culture, The Black Tape Project incorporates one of the most common household items, coalesced with Joel’s artistic flare and the natural beauty of the human body." 

@paige_munroe and I. Rocking the gold tape and jeans. New swag.

A post shared by Tape art & alternative fashion (@blacktapeproject) on Feb 3, 2017 at 6:35pm PST

The Black Tape Project has almost 200k followers on Instagram and is filled with duct-tape-clad ladies for you to witness, and according to The Daily Mail, it has become so popular that Joel and his squad of duct-tape-clad models have toured Las Vegas, New York, the Caribbean, and Europe. 

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Classic photo bomb with @graciii3 #BlackTapeProject #art #tape #tapeart #bodytape #thekingoftape

A post shared by Tape art & alternative fashion (@blacktapeproject) on May 15, 2017 at 9:09pm PDT

Would we want this trend to hit Singapore? Truth be told, we highly doubt it'll be allowed in most clubs - but people can dream.

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