Why More Manchester United Fans Will Download Tinder And Have More Sex

Tinder is set to become Manchester United's sleeve sponsor.

According to the Daily Mail, Tinder is set to become Manchester United's sleeve sponsor for the upcoming season.

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The dating app is offering up to 12 million pounds a year to be the Red Devils' left sleeve sponsor (EPL logo on the right) - which is a new sponsorship channel for premier league clubs in the new season.

Tinder's offer is said to be the biggest of all the deals that have been struck with various clubs so far, with South Korean company Nexen coming close with 10 million pounds a year with Manchester City.

The proposed deal would also mean that Tinder would be able to reach out to Man U's fanbase - touted to be about 660 million in the world.

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The Daily Mail also reported that Tinder's offer wouldn't be out of place, since the left sleeve amounted to 20 percent of Manchester United's main shirt sponsor - Chevrolet - which is forking out 50 million pounds a year.

The Silicon Valley company has also signed a deal with Polish striker Arkadiusz Milik, who was given a dating profile as well.

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