Relax And Let Others Do Your Work

Whether you're busy, or lazy, there are plenty of options these days to take the hassle out of your daily chores. Besides going the technology route, you can also thank the growing number of companies that are providing niche personalised services from household cleaning to gourmet cooking to shopping. Now you can sit back and relax while they do all the work for you.


It’s every couch potato’s dream: a personal concierge who will arrange almost anything for you – from doing your shopping and cleaning your house to planning your parties. One company that offers such a service is Singapore Concierge ( They’ll even tailor your holidays to suit your every request.


You won’t need to lift a finger to prepare healthy gourmet meals for dinner ever again. While you’re at the office, a chef from An Apple A Day (, a health consultancy, will whip up your favourite dishes in your kitchen. All that’s left to do when you get home is to follow the reheating instructions the chefs leave behind. Each session provides 20 dishes that can last you a week (some of them need to go into the freezer, of course) and sets you back by $650.


Using technology to run your home more efficiently will give you more free time to laze around. Think: motion-activated lightings, air-conditioning, computerised biometric  central-locking systems that would allow you to throw your house keys away, and entertainment systems that can be controlled from any place in your home. Welcome to the future! Ekoliving (ekoliving. provides a range of smart home technology services that will put the control of your universe at your fingertips.

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