The Latest Free Apple Apps For Mac And iOS Users

If you're an Apple user, Christmas came early.

By Gus Turner

Attention, Apple users: Your benevolent tech overlord has just gifted you with a suite of free apps that you can now download to your iOS and Mac devices.

It is possible that you already have them, but, if not, these tried and true applications are essential to your Apple gadget of choice. 

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GarageBand, iMovie, and iWork are now free of charge on the App Store, according to The Verge. They were previously being offered for anywhere from US$4.99 to US$9.99 on your phone, while the desktop version of iMovie ran for US$14.99. The iWork suite of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote cost US$19.99 for each app. Now, they're all yours, and are just a simple download away. Thank you, Tim Cook.

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