Can You Keep Live Chickens In HDB Flats?

Find out if you can keep live chickens in your HDB flat.

It might be the Year of the Rooster, but the authorities are not granting any exceptions for owners of Housing Board flats to keep these animals at home.

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However, those living in private residences may choose to do so, provided they adhere to certain rules, says the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA).

Owners of private residences can keep up to 10 chickens at home, and within bird- proof cages or enclosures only.

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Such enclosures could include a fine wire mesh netting, which prevents the birds from having any contact with any other bird or animal outside the cage.

The AVA said the cage must also have a proper roof. This prevents the droppings, waste, feathers and other particles of other animals from entering the bird-proof cage or enclosure.

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But as with any decision to take in an animal, potential owners must be reminded that having a pet is a lifelong commitment.

After all, abandoning a pet is nothing to crow about.

Words by Audrey Tan, The Straits Times


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