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Forget your regular back exercises.

Add mass to your upper back and rear shoulders, and see improvements in every upper-body lift.

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The workout solution for any guy who travels for business, lives in a small flat, can’t spare the space for a squat rack or just hates going to the gym. This is your guide to the ultimate stretch-band routine.
Minimal exertion, maximum rewards. Here are seven simple tips to help you get off your derriere and work towards a fitter, healthier body – effortlessly.
Build lower-body muscles and strength with a deep squat. Here's how to execute it correctly for the best results.
Intense workouts with short rests are perfect for improving athletic ability. Boost your workout intensity by planning your sets according to time, instead of reps.
You won’t get bulging biceps with the same outdated arm-curl routine you’ve been using for years. We’ve found three better – and faster – ways to rip your sleeves.
Take the fast track to maximum bulk by incorporating our cheat sheet of insider muscle-engineering know-how into your weekly routine.
Looking for a straightforward body changer? The wide-grip overhead split squat may literally work more muscle than any other exercise. Add this movement to your next lower- or full-body workout and pack on new muscle.
Warm up with these movement-based stretches instead of the “touch your toes and hold for 30 seconds” static stretch routine, and you’ll boost your heart rate, get your nervous system firing and be ready for all exercise.


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