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Sculpt 8-Pack Abs With These 2 Ridiculously Easy Circuits
Regular training won’t help you carve an eight-pack. Hit every muscle in your body with this surprisingly simple workout plan.
Get Commando-fit
You don’t need to be part of the Commando training wing to build military-grade strength and muscle – not when you have this 28-day workout plan.
6 Moves To Supercharge Your Metabolism
Fire up your body’s fat-torching furnace and send your metabolic rate sky-rocketing with these strength-boosting exercises.
Turbocharge Your Fitness: The Lactic Acid Workout
Use lactic acid training to amp up your growth hormones, metabolise fat and build lean muscle.
8 Moves For Cover-guy Muscle
Boost your total-body fitness, and build hard muscle fast, with this challenging routine from former MH cover guy, Paul Foster.
Nail The Single-arm Push-up
Master the perfect one-arm push-up by following this strength and coordination plan.
The Fat-Torching, Muscle-building Bodyweight Workout
Use this high-octane routine to supercharge your strength and burn away belly flab.
The MH Total-body Fight Plan
This MMA-inspired circuit promises total-body gains in lean muscle and functional strength – concussions and choking not needed.

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