WATCH: The Best Burpee Move To Improve Your Speed And Agility

Here's how you can use this explosive burpee move to boost your speed, agility, and reaction time.

By Tyler Chin

There’s something to be said about exercises that make you feel good. You know, the ones you actually look forward to doing. 

Take the overhead press, for example; there’s a primal quality to lifting something heavy above your head that just makes it feel… right. And then there are those exercises that make you feel like a straight-up athlete. 

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Recently, we’ve featured some pretty high-level moves that fall into this category—mostly variations of the burpee—and now we’ve got one more that takes things a step further.

The lateral burpee box jump-over is a combination move that fuses two burpees together by way of a lateral (sideways) hop over a low box. It’s a fast-paced athletic movement that requires you to pay attention to not only your technique, but also your surroundings—just like an athlete.

Watch the video above to see Ben Sweeney, a trainer at Brick New York, demonstrate this move during a recent visit to the MH Rec Room.

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The lateral burpee box jump over is a great cardio exercise that will get your heart racing and your legs aching, Sweeney says. All you need is a box or a step and enough space on either side to do a burpee. 

Lateral exercises are critical to staying agile and being able to move quickly in any direction. If you play a sport like soccer or football, you’d be doing yourself a disservice to leave lateral training out of your workouts. 

Sweeney suggests doing this exercise for 20 reps, or 10 per side, the next time you train your legs.

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