The Warrior Workout

To win the war against fat, your assault strategy must be able to deal a deadly blow that lasts. In training, this means sticking to a workout that helps you melt your midsection and keeps you motivated.

“You can do arm curls for only so long before you become bored,” says Martin Rooney, chief operating officer of the Parisi Speed School in New Jersey and one of the world’s top strength and conditioning coaches. “There’s nothing better than designing a workout that has people sweating and smiling,” he says.

Among his students are two world champions in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, one national judo champ and three Ultimate Fighters. They’re here because Rooney is best known for his ability to physically and mentally prepare mixed martial artists for the ring. It’s easy to see why.

Rooney’s programmes are not for the fainthearted. Only after a 45-minute warm-up that features agility drills, abdominal training and wind sprints – enough to make a mere mortal puke – are the fighters ready for their actual workout. And it’s not about to become easier. Next on the docket is one of Rooney’s trademark “hurricane” training sessions: three 5-minute rounds of five different exercises, performed for 1 minute each. A typical training can include these lung- and muscle-busting moves:

  • A 136kg tyre flip
  • Quick-feet drills through a ladder
  • Pushing a weighted sledge
  • Sprinting with added resistance
  • Pounding a tyre with a sledgehammer

Go fast and hard for a minute, and move to next station – for 5 minutes straight. Then catch your breath and do it all over again. “If a guy we compete against can’t do on one day what we do every day,” says Rooney, “he’s going to be in trouble.”

“The variety of exercise combinations you can use is nearly limitless, which is key to keeping your workout fresh and exciting.” So ask yourself this: Can you handle a hurricane? Or would you be “in trouble”? Find out by trying the routine for yourself, using Rooney’s mix-and-match system. Even if you’re not quite ready for the ring, you’ll burn blubber, build muscle and take your conditioning to an all-time high.

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