Max Your (Sex) Performance

The right exercises can correct the stresses brought about by modern living, and even improve your love life. For better and more regular sex, heed the advice of our health experts. 

For more (and better) sex
Do: Squats

US scientists at Rutgers University, New Jersey, found that testosterone stimulate sexual desire. And unless you count an MMA battle as foreplay, your sex life could be short on testosterone. A study by the New England Research Institutes found that in most developed countries, testosterone levels are down 15 per cent compared with 20 years ago. Reverse this drop by doing squats. “Testosterone is influenced by the amount of muscle mass activated during exercise,” says conditioning coach Mack Parnell. Research in the Journal of Applied Physiology advises that, for a man-size testosterone score and a libido that won’t be tamed, do squats, using half your 1-rep max and aiming for 3 sets of 12 reps, twice a week.


For the energy to have more (and better) sex

Do: Running

If you’re consistently feeling tired, frequently falling ill, and drag your feet when getting to work every morning, you’re probably experiencing burnout – where the body’s cortisol levels drop dramatically, causing you to stall both at work and in the bedroom. Stop this drop by stepping onto a treadmill. Firing up the runner may seem like the last thing your body needs at the end of the day. But, in fact, it’s a vital recharge. A study from the University of Northern Arizona in the US found that running on a treadmill for as little as 10 minutes at low intensity reduces fatigue. So, for the spark to take on new projects at work – and the energy to have more sex, after work (or at work) – run three times a week and you’ll give your body a constant drip of energy-boosting neurotransmitters such as dopamine and norepinephrine.


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