The Best Workouts To Suit Your Job


In order to best alleviate work stress, exercise in a mode opposite to your occupation. Here are some different job types, along with the style of workout that will best help you relax:
If You Are: A Manager
This category includes executives, bosses, foremen—anyone who’s got bottom-line responsibility. What you need is a change of scenery, at least 40 minutes of outdoor exercise. What you don’t need are stationary bikes, treadmills, or anything that involves sitting still. A distraction-free environment will only let your mind wander back to your problems.
If You Are: A Sales Person
These are guys who spend most of their time running around—whether it’s as an executive assistant, an electrician, a cop, or a salesman. Stationary exercise machines let you stay put for a change. And they offer another advantage: They’re solitary. Chances are, if you’re running around a lot, you’re running into people. You need a break from that.
If You Are: An Accountant
CPAs, stock analysts, researchers, and anybody else who deals with stats should forget about exercise logs, hard-and-fast workout rules, and whether they did 29 crunches or 30. Show up at the gym and do a variety of things on impulse.
If You Are: A Designer
Are you a creative-type? This group includes advertising executives, designers, promotion directors, and writers. Plan concrete, but achievable goals. Weight programs or aerobic activities such as bicycling or running, where you can compete with yourself and others and clearly chart how much faster and stronger you’re getting, can give you the sense of day-to-day achievement that might be lacking at work.
If You Are: An Assembly Liner
If you’re engaged in any occupation where the routine is the same every day, be eclectic in your workouts. Try adding racquetball on Monday, swimming on Wednesday, and maybe yoga on Friday.



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