10 Fat-Burning Exercises You Can Do At Work

Make the most of your office hours.

No time to exercise? Then turn your office into a gym. Follow these 10 steps and you'll burn more than 2,500 calories by the time you clock out today. 

1 Walk It Off
Moving around on your feet for an hour burns up to 40 per cent of that chicken rice lunch. So choose to walk to your colleagues instead of calling or emailing to relay messages, and make sure you time yourself each time you do so. If you walk for two minutes at a go, you’ll need 30 messages a day to add up to one hour’s worth of walking.
You’ll burn: 250 calories.

2 Water Weight
If your office has one of those water coolers that uses replaceable water tumblers (most weigh 18-20kg), give the delivery man the day off once he drops them off at your office: Pick up the tumblers from downstairs (better if you have two to lug), walk up two floors, and replace the empty tumblers when you’re there. Bonus if you can manage to carry two.
You’ll burn: 140 calories (one tumbler), 190 calories (two tumblers).

3 Exercise During Meetings
Instead of daydreaming when your dreary meetings start to drag, make good use of the extra time you get by doing a set of seated leg lifts: Hold on to the seat or armrests while you position your rear end on the edge of the chair. Without leaning on your backrest, raise both feet off the ground, straighten your legs and hold the position for two seconds. Then slowly lower your feet, but don’t let them touch the ground until you’re done with the set. That’s one rep. Do them as slowly and as controlled as you can, and regardless of the repetitions, do three sets of five minutes each.
You’ll burn: 66 calories.

4 Be A Stair Master
This one’s fantastic for people who need to make calls for long periods. Ditch your desk phone for a cordless one, even if you have to buy one yourself. Now every time you receive a phone call, go climb a flight of stairs – climb upwards as much as you can, because you’ll singe off more calories if you head skywards. Climb for 15 minutes at a time for longer calls, and try to fit in four of them in a day for an hour’s worth of climbing a day.
You’ll burn: 600 calories

5 Go Further For Lunch
Even if you’re looking to order a take-away for lunch, make yourself walk a little farther to really earn your meal, with at least a 15- minute walk. For an added bonus, grab a meal that allows you to eat standing up. The difference in calories burned between sitting and standing upright works out to almost an extra calorie every minute. So bag that sandwich, find a shady spot, stand and burn.
You’ll burn: 138 calories.

6 Be A Helpful Hunk
Another good way to keep active is to help. Be a nice chap and lend a hand to the pretty office intern by carrying those boxes of copy paper to the photocopy machine, and you might just get yourself a new dinner date. Heave two boxes if you can, and walk around the office corridors for 15 minutes.
You’ll burn: 94 calories.

7 Park On A Higher Level
Resist the urge to park right at your office entrance so that you’ve got some way to walk. Even if your office is on the ground floor, sprint up five flights of stairs and walk down. You’ll have just emerged from your air-conditioned vehicle so you won’t sweat as easily, and the burst of energy will energise you for the rest of the day
You’ll burn: 305 calories.

8 Shadowbox After Hours
Even if you don’t box, pretend you’re Tyson just for the heck of it. Stand up and shadowbox for 15 minutes at a go, drop 50 push-ups (spread it out in two sets if you can’t do it at one shot), and then get back to hammering at the keyboard. You can’t beat that feeling of endorphins even though it’s just a short workout. Just really make sure no one’s left in the office before you start.
You’ll burn: 250 calories.

9 Go For A Lunchtime Run
At the risk of appearing like you’re late for everything, try jogging from point to point to really up the calorie inferno. Time the opportunities you have to do so, and work up to a half hour of running every day. Or put in a bit more effort, bring your running gear and go for a half hour run during lunch.
You’ll burn: 525 calories.

10 Teatime Battle

Next time you’re at the water cooler, stop swapping gossip and challenge a buddy to an arm wrestling match. It doesn’t matter who wins (but yes, it should be you) because it’s good ol’ fashioned school-boy fun. Challenge two friends at your maximum effort, you’ll head back to your desk with a satisfying pump, and depending on who lost, that bloke would want to regain some ‘face’ and probably make it a daily event henceforth.
You’ll burn: 198 calories.


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