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It’s now easier to kick-start 2017 on a healthier and fitter note, thanks to Deliveroo’s “Eat Well, Roo It” campaign, in partnership with independent fitness community UFIT.

Fit For Delivery

Fit For Delivery


We’ve been there – making New Year resolutions to get fit and healthy… until we get ambushed by our busy lifestyles and junk food cravings. Many of us end up getting takeaways or ordering meals online because we’re too tired or don’t have time to cook. It’s a convenient and easy way to satisfy our hunger pangs, although it can be a challenge when you’re looking for nutritious yet delicious meals.

To make things easier, food delivery service Deliveroo has launched the “Eat Well, Roo It” campaign from Jan 9 to 23. Look out for restaurants on its website and app with a unique “red apple” emoticon: It means they serve healthy food. You’ll find eateries serving lower-calorie and nutritious meals such as protein salads and wraps, as well as more unusual offerings like egg-white omelettes and gluten-free pastas. Other dishes use organic ingredients or healthier cooking methods. (Case in point: Restaurants like The Daily Cut and Grain Traders serve up make-your-own bowls packed with lean protein, low-GI carbohydrate, fresh vegetables and more.) 

But living a healthy lifestyle also means staying active. That’s why Deliveroo has partnered with UFIT Singapore, an independent fitness community providing personal training, bootcamps, physiotherapy and more. Now there are no excuses to ditch your resolution!

Sign up for UFIT’s Clean & Lean Challenge starting Jan 14. This four-week intensive programme is designed to kick-start a healthy regime, and meet your fitness and desired body goals. It includes exercise bootcamp sessions, nutrition seminars, an e-cookbook, and weigh-ins. All UFIT customers will receive Deliveroo voucher codes to encourage them to order healthy meals prior to their UFIT workouts.

And if you order from participating healthy restaurants during the campaign period, you’ll receive a series of “desk workouts” specially developed by Deliveroo and UFIT, as well as nutrition fun facts and Under Armour vouchers worth $10 each in your delivery bag.

To order, log on to deliveroo.com.sg or download the app from the App Store or Google Play.


WATCH: Here’s How 3 Men Lost An Incredible Amount Of Weight In 1 Year With Martial Arts (Videos)

WATCH: Here’s How 3 Men Lost An Incredible Amount Of Weight In 1 Year With Martial Arts (Videos)
Evolve MMA Special

Making the decision to get fit and fight the battle of the bulge is the first step. However, actually pushing through with it and sticking to it for a year or more is not for the faint of heart. But losing weight as a result of an activity you actually love doing is something else.

Suddenly, weight loss becomes secondary and your goals transform into something bigger than you – you’ve decided to become the best version of yourself. This is what martial arts does: it inspires you to set goals and reach them. In turn, you see your new life unfold in front of you. You’ve changed not only physically, but mentally and spiritually too.

These three men made the decision to get into shape, and took action. What they expected was weight loss, but instead they saw their lives change for the better. By deciding to embark on a martial arts journey, they’ve not only made their goals a reality but also made simple, realistic changes to their lifestyle without doing anything drastic.

Take a look at how these men changed their lives:

Herivaldo Adao, 28, lost 25 kilos in 1 year

Hard work and dedication pays off,” says Herivaldo. An accountant and MBA student, Herivaldo was looking for a way to shed some weight. Although he had never practiced martial arts before, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) was something that he was interested in but never pursued. Upon moving to Singapore, Herivaldo enrolled himself in Evolve MMA.

I used to feel tired and lazy when I was overweight,” explains Herivaldo. “I was also moody and stressed all the time.” Because of martial arts, Herivaldo lost 25 kilos and gained new healthy eating habits. From having breakfast in the morning to quitting fast food, Herivaldo feels like a changed man.

Since starting, Herivaldo has received his blue belt in BJJ as well as his level 2 in Muay Thai. He has also gone on to compete twice in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, once as a white belt and once as a blue belt. To prepare for his competitions and make weight, Herivaldo adopted an even stricter diet and trained twice a day – not bad for someone who just started martial arts!

Terry Loh, 42, lost 28 kilos in 1 year

I was quite overweight before joining Evolve MMA,” Terry says. At his peak, he weighed 109 kilos. For Terry, this was a sign that he needed to make some changes in his lifestyle and get active. He recalled his childhood and how he failed every single one of his fitness tests at school. “When I was 10, my uncle introduced me to Taekwondo. This was the start of my martial arts journey.” Terry explains.

There’s no doubt that Terry’s life has changed dramatically in the past year. He’s become more focused at work and feels more sociable and confident especially after rekindling his martial arts journey. Today, Terry is one of Evolve MMA’s most dedicated students. He credits his instructors for helping him achieve his Level 2 certification in Muay Thai and his first stripe in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). Terry has also lost 28 kilos, a feat that he has certainly never expected.

Paul Kewene-Hite, 50, lost 43 kilos in 18 months

Throughout his life, Paul had always considered himself a focus-driven achiever. A professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise at INSEAD, one of the top 5 business schools in the world, Paul was no stranger to promoting excellence inside and outside the classroom. However, at age 49, he realized that he had to do something about his health.

He then made the life-changing decision to learn the beautiful art of Muay Thai at Evolve MMA. After trying many different martial art forms, from Karate to Aikido, it was Muay Thai that had struck a different chord with Paul. He began to attend the early Muay Thai classes at Evolve MMA PoMo Mall, training two hours each day from Monday to Saturday.

He had also made some drastic changes in his diet, cutting out processed food completely. It was an incredible change for him, especially for someone who had felt so unfit almost all his life. For once, he no longer felt heavy or out of shape. He turned into a whole new person in a span of 18 months, all at the age of 50.

“I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life,” Paul says, “I feel absolutely fantastic.”


If you feel like losing weight seems like an impossible feat, prove yourself wrong and why not take the first step? Trust us, getting started is the most difficult part – once you’ve developed a habit, you can guarantee (with enough focus and perseverance) that you would eventually reach your goal without even realizing it. So go on, change your life – sign up for a martial arts class today!



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