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Yes, she’s definitely checking you out. Here’s what you can do for a better chance at love at first sight.

How Is She Looking At You?

Yes, she’s definitely checking you out. Here’s what you can do for a better chance at love at first sight.


Let’s get right to the point: We men have always had our eyes on the ladies. And depending on the individual, some are drawn to her breasts. Or her legs. Or her face… the list goes on.

But did it ever occur to you that women have preferences too? The truth hurts, but according to sex and relationship expert Wendy Walsh, the attraction doesn’t take place where you think it does. Rather, it’s how good your face looks, and how defined your abs, chest, shoulders and arms are. Back that up with a great personality for a better chance at sealing the deal.

To help you ace that physical impression beyond working out at the gym, here are three ways you can shape up your appeal.




The perfect body starts from your chest down to your abs, and while working out at the gym could help shape and tone your physique, ramping up the exercise regime will not help you burn off your “man boobs” or gynecomastia, as it is called in medical terms.

The quickest and most effective means of shaping up and putting an end to pain and embarrassment is gynecomastia surgery. Not only does it reduce overly enlarged glandular tissues and remove excess fat from your chest, it’ll tone and shape your pectoral muscles for that ideal masculine physique.


There is no denying the manly appeal of a well-defined six-pack on your belly. And while it might have disappeared over time, Vaser Hi-def Lipo can easily bring it back.

Using an advanced body-sculpting ultrasonic sound wave technology, the process not only removes fat but helps carve out muscle definition around the hardest-to-reach places, such as your love handles, to give you a chiselled, more defined appearance right where it matters.


Counteract the effects of our polluted cities and hectic lifestyle by boosting your skin’s youthfulness with acne management and skin renewal solutions at Amaris B. Clinic.

Beyond cleaning out your pores and smoothing out your lines to leave you glowing like you’ve just had your energy levels renewed, treatments such as botulinum toxin injections and dermal fillers can help keep you looking younger and fresher by enhancing your features.

Visit Amaris B. Clinic for a consultation or go to www.amaris-b.com to find out more.

Your dream bod has lines in all the right places – redraw them with these fixes.

3 Top Singapore Men's Insecurities. Here's How To Fix Them!

3 Top Singapore Men's Insecurities. Here's How To Fix Them!

You might be feeling fit, but are you looking fab? Tackle those problem areas fast with these fixes.

Nobody’s perfect. It’s normal to feel insecure about your body, or at least parts of it. Even the most confident of men experience the occasional “fat day”, or look in the mirror and think: “Who’s that uncle?”

If that’s happening to you more and more frequently, maybe it’s time to see a professional who can help you achieve your #bodygoals.Whether you’re already eating clean and working hard at the gym, yet not seeing results, or don’t see yourself giving up your long-term relationship with char kway teow and nasi lemak burgers, there are other ways to sculpt your physique. We speak to Amaris B. Clinic’s founder and lead doctor, Dr Ivan Puah, to find out more.

With 13 years in the business, Dr Ivan Puah has seen his fair share of men in pursuit of their ideal bodies. Here, he shares three of the most common complaints Singapore men have about their appearance, and how they can be resolved.


1. “I have moobs!”

The medical term for “man boobs” or “moobs” is gynecomastia. It’s a more common problem in Singapore than you’d expect.

The bad news: Being overweight may not be the main cause, which means that ramping up on exercise may not resolve the problem.

In fact, the swollen glands and fat deposits may be due to puberty, ageing, the side effects of certain medications or hormonal imbalance. You may even experience tenderness or pain in the area.

The good news? Gynecomastia surgery can end your pain and embarrassment. Dr Ivan Puah elaborates: “The surgery effectively reduces overly enlarged glandular tissues and/or excess fat tissues so that you can regain a more masculine physique.”

2. “I hate my dad bod!”

Leonardo DiCaprio might be bringing the “dad bod” into vogue lately, but that’s not everyone’s idea of sexy.

If you’re missing the washboard abs you had in the first year of your national service, the Vaser Hi-def Lipo could bring them back. It carves definition in your body by removing hard-to-shed flab from the abdomen and waist.

Using an advanced body-sculpting ultrasonic sound wave technology, this treatment is designed to reduce fat around muscle groups so that your muscles look more defined.

A gentle suction process removes the liquefied fat cells and leaves the surrounding tissues largely undisturbed.

3. “I look chao lao [older than I really am]!”

Everybody ages, but most of us want to do so gracefully – think David Beckham, not Nicholas Cage. Just the simple act of expressing ourselves can result in a face full of lines.

Work stress sees our foreheads creased in frowns, while laughing and smiling may manifest in laugh lines. So if the man in the mirror is starting to look more crumpled than a freshly tumbled-dry shirt, a little touch up at the doctor’s might be in order.

Dr Ivan Puah explains there are two ways to smooth out our mien: botulinum toxin injections and dermal fillers. The first uses a small amount of botulinum toxin to relax the facial muscles that cause wrinkles; the other is made of hyaluronic acid to plump up the skin and “iron out” wrinkles and creases.

He shares a tip: “While you’re at it, dermal fillers can also be applied to enhance definition for features such as the bridge of the nose, chin and cheeks.”


Visit Amaris B. Clinic for a consultation, or go to www.amaris-b.com to find out more.

Take it from Singapore TV personality Mark Lee: You can still save your skin from acne scars with the Clifford Aesthetics Acne Scar Program

How to treat your acne scars – and get smoother skin

How to treat your acne scars – and get smoother skin

It’s tough to look and feel confident when you have acne scars. Just ask TV personality and actor Mark Lee, who has struggled with them since he was 15.

Describing the scars in an interview as “potholes of an old expressway” that made his skin look rough, Mark is no stranger to critical comments about them, and has sought help in the form of laser treatments.

Now in his 40s, he’s seen the best results after trying the Clifford Aesthetics Acne Scar Program, which is less invasive and offers less downtime – a perfect fit for his busy schedule.

But celebrity or not, Mark is proof that no one deserves to just live with extensive acne scarring when there’s a solution. Here’s what the Acne Scar Program has done for him, and what it can do for you too.


Clifford Aesthetics does this with a two-pronged approach of aesthetic technologies: Fractional Radiofrequency and Edge

Fractional Treatment. Together,they are said to renew and repair the depressions in your skin, so the appearance of scarring is minimised.

Fractional Radiofrequency heats the dermis and treats acne scars as deep as 3.5mm. Combined with the Edge Fractional Treatment, both work to boost collagen regeneration to push out scar depressions from below. This results in a smoother, more taut and youthful-looking complexion.


If, like Mark, you went through a bad stage of acne breakouts as a teenager, it doesn't mean that all is lost, and that you have to just settle for whatever skin condition you have now.

Clifford Aesthetics assures you that you can still improve the look of your face despite the acne scars, as well as the state of your skin, if you stick to the programme.

Clifford Aesthetics has successfully treated customers from as young as teenagers to adults over sixty years old. However, younger patients do have an advantage – they are usually able to replenish the collagen in their skin quickly, so it’s also expected that they'll see results rapidly.


You don't have to give up an activity or even a day just to visit Clifford Aesthetics for the programme. In fact, you only need an estimated one hour for Fractional Radiofrequency – 50 minutes for the numbing cream to prep your skin, then 10 minutes for the radiofrequency treatment.

For the Edge Fractional Treatment, 30 minutes are needed for the numbing cream to prep your skin, then 10 minutes is all it takes to complete the treatment. Patients report looking sunburnt after each treatment, but this usually recedes after a day.

After allowing the skin to heal for one week to a month, you should see a difference. You'll also be asked to come back for another round of treatments every four weeks. Soon, you may find that you won’t have to suffer from "bad skin" anymore.

Can only overweight men get man boobs? Is it a sign of breast cancer?

Busting 4 Myths of Gynecomastia with Amaris B. Clinic

Can only overweight men get man boobs? Is it a sign of breast cancer? Dr Ivan Puah of Amaris B. Clinic sets the record straight on four common myths, and separates fact from fiction.

Man boobs, or gynecomastia, can be a confidence killer. But it’s not the end of the world. 

“Gynecomastia, or the development of man boobs and excess glandular tissues, can occur when there is a hormonal imbalance or low testosterone levels in men,” explains Dr Ivan Puah, founder and doctor of Amaris B. Clinic. “Being a naturally occurring hormone, testosterone is not only directly responsible for a man’s physical features but also his sex drive and mood.”

To help you learn more about gynecomastia – and finally say goodbye to your man boobs – Dr Ivan Puah separates fact from fiction so you get the answers and treatment you need.

MYTH #1: Only overweight men can get Gynecomastia

Fact: When there is hormonal imbalance, gynecomastia can strike males of all ages – from infants, adolescents and teens to those aged 50 and older. However, the tenderness and swelling usually recede in a few months to two years, so it’s still possible for some – such as babies and younger males – to forego treatment. “These symptoms are not uncommon during puberty. However, should they persist upon reaching adulthood, surgical intervention is the answer,” relates Dr Ivan Puah.

Other factors that can increase your chances of experiencing a hormonal change or imbalance, and thus gynecomastia, include medications or drugs, alcohol, ageing and other health conditions.

MYTH #2: Gynecomastia is a sign of breast cancer

Fact: There is a risk, but it is rare. If you do feel any lumps or abnormalities, it’s good to see your doctor for a check-up.

In most cases, gynecomastia will not pose long-term problems or complications. The effects are found to be more psychological due to the change in a man’s appearance.

MYTH #3: I just need to exercise more to get rid of my man boobs

Fact: If you’re only dealing with pseudogynecomastia or fat build-up on the chest, there are workouts designed to build muscle and promote loss of fat. A healthy diet and a regular exercise programme that includes cardio and interval training, bench presses and weightlifting may help.

But if you have gynecomastia or excess glandular tissues, these lifestyle changes will not guarantee you losing the man boobs. You may want to consider gynecomastia surgery.

MYTH #4: It's hard to treat gynecomastia

Fact: “Gynecomastia is often treatable,” assures Dr Ivan Puah. Not only does gynecomastia surgery – one of the clinic’s signature treatments – work towards the permanent removal of excess glandular tissues, it also sculpts and defines the chest area with the promise of a short recovery time.

Add in the High Intensity Focus Ultrasound treatment to tighten sagging skin, and you’ll see even more visible improvements and a better-looking physique.

Visit Amaris B. Clinic for more details and a consultation.

Uniqlo Sport’s functionality, versatility and sophisticated styles give you everything you’d ever want and need in a set of clothes.

Athleisure Clothes To Own Now


Are you the go-getter who plays and works hard?

The stylemeister who must alway look good both in and out of the gym?

Or are you simply the pragmatic type who wants versatile clothes for any activity?

If the answer is yes to any of them, Uniqlo has just the collection for you.

Called Uniqlo Sport, it features apparel that will easily take you from a run, the gym or a round of golf to a casual day and night out, or even from the office to an evening workout –  and look good while you’re at it. You’ll gravitate towards it for its variety, flattering shapes, colours and ability to wick away sweat and moisture to keep you feeling dry under your t-shirt.

Mix and match

Whatever you need to do for the day, Uniqlo Sport leaves you feeling cool and comfortable, and ready for the challenges ahead. Its special AIRism and DRY-EX fabrics are quick to dry, light and breathable, allowing you to move freely – perfect for errands, training and workouts, as well as the Singapore weather! 

Wear the Men’s DRY-EX Polo T-shirt with the DRY-EX Ultra Stretch Ankle Length Pants to look like you’re ready to take on anything. Throw on a belt like Adam Scott and you’re sharp enough for that “unofficial” business meeting at the golf course!

Practical touches

Got post-workout plans? Wear the new AIRism Performance Support Tights under your DRY-EX Tshirt and Shorts. With its lightweight, breathable AIRism fabric, it wicks away moisture so you feel dry quickly. It works like compression tights, and has multidirectional stretch, which means it moves with you and provides surface pressure to reduce time needed to recover from fatique. Plus, it dries quickly after washing.

More to offer

Uniqlo Sport has come up with women’s and kids’ ranges too. The women will have fun experimenting with different looks for themselves and the little ones, what with the brand’s selection of AIRism Performance Support Tights, and many types of DRY-EX Ultra Stretch Pants, Printed Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirts and Tank Tops, which they can cover with a Long Sleeve Full-Zip Jacket. It’s enough to convince them to spend more time with you outdoors.

Uniqlo Sport is available at Uniqlo stores islandwide and online. Watch out for more pieces to be added to the collection soon.

For more information, go to uniqlo.com/sg/store/men/collections/uniqlo-sport.html

It’s okay if you don’t own a fancy camera – you can capture awesome images with your smartphone too. Here are some tips to get you going.

5 Ways to Better Mobile Photography

5 ways to better mobile photography


Can't quite figure how some fellow Instagrammers never seem to take a bad shot? Now, you can become one of them too with just your smartphone camera – no bulky DSLRs needed! Take note of these five tips and you'll be on your way to more "Likes" and followers!

#1 Get a phone with a good camera and lens

Half the game is won when you start off with good hardware and software. And you can't really go wrong with the latest Huawei P10 and P10 Plus, which feature the Leica Dual-Camera 2.0 and Leica Dual Camera 2.0 Pro Edition respectively. Huawei is the first smartphone brand to feature Leica lenses, the mere mention of which can make the hearts of avid photographers skip a beat. What you'll get with the P10 and P10 Plus is precise 3D facial detection, accurate light adjustments and portrait enhancements, among other great features.

#2 Frame your shots properly

Composition can make or break an image, so don't forget basics like the rule of thirds, straightening out the horizon, keeping the frame clutter-free and deciding on a focal point. If there are imperfections, use your smartphone's cropping and rotation tools for snappy adjustments. The Kirin 960 processor with embedded ISP in the P10 and P10 Plus enables real-time viewing of depth-of-field changes and facial features. Just tap on your preferred focal point and you have a natural bokeh effect.

#3 Watch the lighting

Now that you have composed your shot, don't let it go to waste with poor lighting. Too much light, and your subject will look ghostly. Too little, and you could end up with blurry or too dark photos. Of course, good lighting rarely happens when you most need it, but thankfully you can count on high-tech help, particularly in dark situations. Both the P10 and P10 Plus feature 12-megapixel colour and 20-megapixel monochrome sensors to optimise images in either bright or dark conditions. In addition, the P10 Plus incorporates the new SUMMILUX-H Leica Lenses with a larger f1.8 aperture to capture more light in dim places.

#4 Master the selfie

Taking selfies or wefies? You don't have to compromise on image resolution. Both phones boast the world's first Leica front-facing camera, so getting that perfect selfie and wefie becomes a breeze. The camera captures two times more light and instantly recognises faces for amazing portraits. With its 3D facial detection technology, it is able to precisely enhance portrait shots in the given lighting environment. And when more people enter the frame, the P10 and P10 Plus adaptive selfie mode automatically switches to a wide-angle mode, so nobody is left out!

#5 Enhance raw images

Even professionally produced photographs require a touch up or two. And with the P10 and P10 Plus, it's like carrying a portrait studio in your pocket with its artistic imaging algorithm that provides natural portrait enhancements. You can choose to take pictures in either colour or monochrome, and even have the ability to shoot in RAW format. Another neat feature is "Highlights", an editing tool co-developed with GoPro that allows convenient creation of videos using images, videos and audio clips on the phone.


Get the new Huawei P10 ($798) and
P10 Plus ($998, available from 15 April) at any
Huawei Service Centre, telco operator or authorised distributor.

For more information, click here.

Are you after a next-level camera for yourself or your loved one this Christmas? Check out the Nikon D500, which packs a host of impressive features in one compact, lightweight body.

A picture-perfect DSLR camera for the holidays

Check out the Nikon D500, which packs a host of impressive features in one compact, lightweight body.


Photography is one of your biggest passions, but you’ve been toting your trusty DSLR camera around for a while now and are ready to swop it for a new one. On your Christmas wish list: a next-level DSLR with a range of cool functions and features. And it has to look great and be lightweight and compact too.

One for the pros

Enter the Nikon D500, a DX-format DSLR camera that’s perfect for the advanced photography enthusiast or professional photographer. This camera packs the incredible performance of the D5, Nikon’s flagship FX-format model, into an agile body.

First up, the D500 boasts the same powerful 153-point AF system as the D5. It delivers high-speed continuous shooting at approximately 10 fps for up to 200 shots in JPEG and in 14-bit lossless compressed RAW.* This means you can capture your subject precisely; even moving subjects can be tracked accurately across a wide field of view at this rapid rate.

A great shot

The D500 takes exceptionally high-definition images, thanks to its new EXPEED 5 image-processing engine, which allows it to achieve sensitivity up to ISO 51,200 (expandable up to ISO 1,640,000 equivalent). The new 180K-pixel RGB sensor (approximately 180,000 pixels) further improves the performance of the camera’s Advanced Scene Recognition System, and its flicker reduction for still images reduces exposure variations even under flickering light sources.


Want to take professional-quality videos? You’re all set with the D500. This beauty can record 4K UHD (up to 30fps) as well as 1080/60p video, with simultaneous output via HDMI to the memory card and external compatible devices. It is also possible to generate 4K UHD time-lapse movies within the camera.

Always connected

The camera’s SnapBridge support lets you link up with your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet computer and stay connected. SnapBridge dramatically enhances the value and convenience of images taken with the D500. Simply install the SnapBridge application (available as a free download) to enable a variety of features: automatically transfer images taken with the D500 to your smart device, as well as upload them automatically to NIKON IMAGE SPACE. You can also use the smart device to browse images stored in the camera, and embed images with its location and date/time information.

The D500 retails at $2,999 (body only) and $3,999 for a 16-80mm kit set. For more information, visit www.nikon.com.sg.

*This high speed shooting is benchmarked based on the use of Lexar Professional 2933x XQD 2.0 (64GB) card.

Seafaring style doesn’t have to mean scruffy board shorts and flip-flops. Nautica’s holiday collection has everything you need for a stylish seaside getaway.

Style by the sea

Style by the sea


Your day-to-day style? Sharp, polished and ready for anything. But when you head off to your vacation, standards tend to slip a little. And you're all about comfort, which means mostly scruffy shorts, flip-flops and that raggedy T-shirt your girlfriend has been trying to throw out for years.

What you need is a style upgrade – clothing that's as comfortable and easy to wear as your old faves, but as sharp as your work wardrobe. And that's where global lifestyle brand Nautica has you covered with its Holiday collection comprising two ranges: Directional Coast and Metropolis.

Coasting along

Directional Coast is based around classic nautical hues of blue, cream and chambray, with pops of red and coral, and the occasional floral print to liven things up. Pieces include shirts, chino shorts, woven shirts based on the Oxford knit style, and rich, linen-textured sweaters. There's also a swim collection with colour block-influenced prints. Prices start from $49 for a tee.

Technical challenge

Metropolis is made up of athletic-inspired technical pieces in pale yellow and blue. The standout is the Plaited Waffle Knit Sweater ($129), the perfect cover up for chillier seaside evenings, and ideal to layer if you're going on a winter ski break.

The Nautica Directional Coast and Metropolis collections are available at the brand's two stores, #02-208 Marina Square and #01-87 Vivocity.

Just for you!

Until Dec 26, 2016, spend $200 at Nautica stores at Marina Square #02-208 & VivoCity #01-87 and stand a chance to sail away on a five-hour chartered private yacht.

How to look slick and dapper with the wide range of grooming products from SGPomades.

Essentials for every well-groomed man

How to look slick and dapper with the wide range of grooming products from SGPomades.
SGPomades Special

Unlike women, who have a plethora of products to help them look fabulous, men have remarkably less. Until now. If you are the sort who only gets his hairstyling products from that small shelf in the corner of the drug store, then it’s time to visit SGPomades. One of the leading men’s grooming online stores in Singapore, it specialises in hair, shaving, face and body essentials, and aims to provide quality products so that your grooming regime will be an enjoyable ritual instead of a chore.

Essentials for every well-groomed man
Your style, your way

Fancy a tousled look, spiky hair or old-school pompadour style? You’ll need the right product to create your chosen one. For a trendy, slicked back ’do, try Pomade – a traditional hairstyling product that is usually either water- or oil-based. It typically has a strong level of hold, high shine, and is easily applied and comb through. Unlike other retail outlets and barbershops, SGPomades is able to offer this at better prices. You can try wax or clay too, if you want a volume boost. Clay has a thicker texture and has a stronger hold than wax, while the upside of wax is that it is easier to apply.


Whichever product you decide to use, SGPomades has them. The online store boasts more than 30 popular brands such as Suavecito, Imperial, Uppercut, American Crew and more, with different levels of hold, shine and finish. There is also an exclusive variety of pomades and waxes not found elsewhere, including Ubersuave and Apestomen. Ubersuave is already popular with many Singaporean men as it can last the entire day under Singapore's hot and humid weather. Apestomen is designed for youngsters with its stylish and eye-catching label and affordable price, but is effective in helping you achieve the style you want.

SGPomades aims to bring back the classic wet shaving experience originated centuries ago. Wet shaving is the fine art of traditional shaving, which has made a comeback in recent years. Compared to disposable cartridge razors, using a safety razor in wet shaving is more economical, hygienic and gives a closer shave with less irritation. The blade cartridge can be replaced at low cost. One notable brand is Parker Safety Razor, which offers a range of straight or double edge razors. You can also get shave soap, brushes and aftershave at SGPomades.

Parker Safety Razor

Growing a beard? Then proper maintenance is a must, lest you end up looking more like a clueless caveman than a suave hipster. Keep it clean with a gentle beard shampoo, before trimming and brushing it regularly. Then condition it with quality beard oil or balm to keep the hair strong, healthy and shiny. Brands like Grave Before Shave, whose products are made of natural plant oils and contain no alcohol, can help make your beard look great.

Grave Before Shave

Other products offered include grooming tools, shampoo and body wash. SGPomades is the sole distributor of Ubersuave, Apestomen and Grave Before Shave in Singapore. According to the store, its choice of products is based on consumer research data, and it only offers products with good reviews.

Customers can check out its star rating system to help them decide among the wide range of products. Customer service is instant through Whatsapp at +65 94778385 whenever they need advice or have questions. Delivery is free within Singapore.

For more information, visit sgpomades.com arrow

Now you can go swimming and enjoy water sports with Fitbit’s new water-resistant fitness tracker, the Flex 2.

Making A Splash

Now you can go swimming and enjoy water sports with Fitbit’s new water-resistant fitness tracker, the Flex 2.



Hands up if you’re a swimmer or water sports enthusiast who feels pangs of jealousy whenever you see dry-land fitness buffs wearing their stylish Fitbit activity trackers. Well, envy no more. The Fitbit Flex 2 is the brand’s first-ever swim-proof fitness tracker that can monitor your activity in the water.

It’s all in the wrist

Small, customisable and affordable, the Flex 2 is water-resistant to 50m. When you’re swimming, it tracks your activity automatically, and inputs your workout summaries – such as duration, number of laps and the amount of calories burned – in the Fitbit app. You also don’t have to worry about getting it wet in the sink or shower. 

And because any kind of movement is good when you’re trying to keep fit, the Flex 2 tracks your steps, active minutes and hourly activities when you’re out of the water, and gives you reminders to move during the day.

Want to stay connected 24/7? A simple LED display on the band uses colour-coded lights to show progress towards your daily goal, and keeps you connected with call and text notifications.

An upgrade on Fitbit’s iconic Flex fitness tracker, the Flex 2 is 30 per cent smaller than its predecessor and is more wearable. Like the original, it provides auto-sleep tracking, silent vibrating alarms, wireless syncing and battery life of up to five days.

Personalise your Flex 2

The Flex 2 is priced at $148 and is available in small and large sizes. Wristband colours include Black, Navy, Magenta, Lavender, Blush Pink, Grey and Yellow (Bands pack of 3 at $49.95).




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