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My wife has given birth and I don’t feel like having sex any more. Is this normal?  
Some men do experience a loss of sexual desire when their wife becomes the mother of their child...
Could “fat” be in my genes?  
We’d like to say “fat chance” but the odds are good that your double helix can predispose you to a double chin...
Can I rent my car to a friend?  
Yes, if you’re a private car owner. But you must adhere to the...
I love going down on my wife, but my jaw gets sore after a while. Any pointers?  
Focus on moving your tongue and using your fingers...
Can I become resistant to painkillers? 
It's a case of increasing tolerance towards painkillers, rather than resistance...
How do I know when to see a doctor for premature ejaculation?  
Contrary to the popular belief that you need to last half an hour...
Is it a bad idea to use a plastic straw to drink hot beverages?  
It's not the supposed plastic chemicals entering your drink that you should be worried about...
Will an old packet of aspirin be dangerous or ineffective? 
The answer is neither...



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