The Best Stress-relieving Massage To Give Your Girlfriend

Win extra points in the bedroom with these massage tips.

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Tame her tension with a seamless shoulder and back massage. “Keep your hands moving the whole time so the massage has a flow to it,” says UK-based massage therapist Susan Mumford. Here’s her rub to remember.

1. Warm Up

Have her sit in a comfortable chair with her shoulders and upper back exposed. Slick your hands with a little massage oil, stand behind her, place your hands on her shoulders and gently squeeze the muscles between your fingers and the heels of your palms. Do this for about three minutes.

2. Press In

Start pressing firmly with your index and middle fingers around the outline of each shoulder blade, alternating sides. Don’t drag your fingers – press in, release, and then press again about 2.5cm farther out each time. Keep this going slowly and steadily for
three minutes.

3. Start Circling

With your fingers anchored over the crest of her shoulders, position your thumbs on the muscles on each side of her spine and then circle downward over the muscles as far as your hands will stretch. (Never press directly on her spine.) Reverse direction and continue back up to the base of her skull.


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