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Jul_23.jpg Look Ahead

You don’t need fancy shoes to help you run better. Improve your form instantly by keeping an eye out for the horizon when you’re on the road. Doing this will straighten out your posture instantly, letting oxygenated blood circulate more easily.
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Jul_22.jpg Cheat Meal

Don’t let these foods trick you. People tend to underestimate the calories in pizza and subway sandwiches more than in other fast foods, a study reveals. Study participants thought these nasties contained about a third fewer calories than they actually did. The reason? People misjudge pizza portion sizes and perceive subs as healthy food.
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Jul_21.jpg Iron-deficient

Weak showing at the gym may signal hidden health problems, say experts. Young men who couldn’t bench 88 per cent of their body weight and leg-press 176 per cent of that same load were 1½ times more likely to suffer conditions related to heart disease and diabetes. Stronger muscles potentially protect you by secreting more metabolism-regulating hor-mones.
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Jul_18.jpg Dirty Weekend

Not too much char kway teow this weekend – because two days of bad eating can make you overeat for days, say experts. When people overate by 40 per cent over 48 hours, the indulgence set them up for four more days of cravings. Your body doesn’t signal for less food to compensate for short-term upticks in calorie intake.
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Jul_17.jpg Run For Abs

The quickest, cheapest workout there is? Sprinting. Lifting your legs rapidly for long periods torches the fat around your abs while building size, say elite fitness trainers.
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Jul_16.jpg Distraction

Looking at porn can interfere with memory, suggests a new study. Researchers showed men a series of pornographic images – and then had them complete memory tests – and noted a drop in the men’s scores. The scientists say explicit content holds your attention longer and more intensely than non-explicit stuff, and can disrupt your focus.
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Jul_15.jpg Steep Rise

For a fast fitness boost, set a sharp incline on your treadmill and run intervals. A study found that twice-weekly 14-minute sessions set to a 10 per cent incline helped runners improve their oxygen consumption and endurance. Go 30 seconds at a full sprint, followed by 30 seconds of rest.
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Not too much char kway teow this weekend – because two days of bad eating can make you overeat for days.

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