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Oct_21_2014.jpg A Grilling

Do this at your public holiday BBQ get-together: Marinate the meats before barbecuing them. The stuff reduces cancer-causing carcinogens on the cooked meat by up to 88 per cent, say experts. Try beer – yes, the darker the better. Vinegar, olive oil and other spices also work. You should however, give sugar- and salt-laden barbecue sauce a miss.
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Oct_20_2014.jpg Eat Smart

If you’re going to feast, be strategic about it. Experts found binges to have a similar effect to jet lag. Your body has a ‘food clock’ which operates at the cellular level. An all-day blow-out throws it out of kilter and impedes digestion. So, minimise the damage by skipping the brunch buffet. Pig out at regular meal times instead.
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Oct_17_2014.jpg Best Health Tip

Having sex twice a week can half your risk of getting a heart attack, says experts. Not only does play between the sheets provide a sweat-inducing workout, it’s also a form of stress release. Another study showed men who ejaculated through sex or masturbation at least five times a week were much less likely to contract prostate cancer.
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Oct_16_2014.jpg Better Skin Diet

Nourish your face – from the inside out. A large handful of sunflower seeds provides 90 per cent of your RDA of skin-clearing vitamin E, found a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Go for the raw, organic kind for a more handsome mug and a trimmer waist.
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Oct_15_2014.jpg Speed Boost

A daily 6g dose of the amino acid beta-alanine helped athletes knock 4secs off their 800m timing in under a month, found a study. The stuff blocks the effects of lactic acid on your muscles for short periods of time. Perfect for helping you build speed during 2.4km training. Earn a new PB by eating an egg every day.
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Oct_14_2014.jpg All Ears

Tame that growling stomach with this surprisingly simple trick: Pinch the bud of cartilage above your ear canal. (Yes, that lump just above your earhole.) Experts say that this simple squeeze helps short circuit food cravings. Certainly worth a try.
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Oct_13_2014.jpg All Eyes

A low-glycaemic diet combats age-related eye issues, found a study conducted by experts from Tufts University in the US. On the other hand, high-GI white carbs (think white bread) spike your blood sugar, stressing the arteries in your eyes. You’d want to go brown to keep the lights on for longer. Try brown rice and wholemeal bread.
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Grill your way to a healthier body.
What you wear directly affects the kind of success and enjoyment you can expect. Here’s how to master five essential looks.
Who says you can’t look god-like in a down-to-earth style?
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Looking cool may not be for every guy, but that’s the point.
Because you don't need a reason to look sharp and in command.
If you’re going to feast, at least be strategic about it.

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