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Set your alarm earlier. A bodyweight circuit before breakfast burns 20 per cent more fat than a full lunch-break gym session. Keeping it to a 10-minute blast stops your body turning catabolic (using muscle stores for fuel), say experts. Your workout needn’t be too complicated for your morning mind either. Alternate 20-second high-intensity sprints with a one-minute jog.
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Sep_18_2014.jpg On The Heels

Heel-striking isn’t all the bad. Runners who hit the ground first expend less effort than forefoot and midfoot strikers, say experts. Rear-foot strikers used nearly 10 per cent less energy than midfoot and forefoot ones did at the same speed. You shouldn’t necessary change the way you run. Running against your natural instinct can reduce your efficiency.
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Sep_17_2014.jpg Unfit

We’ll say it again: If you aren’t exercising, skip that sweet isotonic drink. Drinking sports drinks at least once a week is associated with other unhealthy behaviours, like higher intake of added sugar from soft drinks, smoking, and excessive TV time, say experts. Ingesting these liquids doesn’t make you healthier, especially if typing is the only exercise you do.
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Sep_15_2014.jpg Perfect Sleep

Rather than obsessing over clocking eight hours of sleep, aim for a multiple of 90 minutes, say experts. Try six, 7.5 or nine hours. Your sleep cycles are 90 minutes long, and waking up at the end of one helps you feel more rested.
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Sep 12, 2014.jpg Last Longer

Pelvic-floor exercises may be the key to solving premature ejaculation woes, say experts. Study subjects who were suffering from PE were trained to exercise their pelvic-floor muscles over a 12-week period. By the end of the trial, the average ejaculation time for them had risen by more than four-fold. Bonus: You’ll also build a more solid core.
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Sep 11, 2014.jpg Small Gains

Get off your seat and go climb some stairs when you’re done reading this. Five minutes of low-level physical activity every half hour will burn more fat than one long gym session, found the National Institute of Health and Nutrition in Japan. Spinning around in your swivel chair doesn’t count, unfortunately.
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Sep 10, 2014.jpg Peel Fat Away

Add a vitamin C supplement to your diet if you’re trying to cut some pounds. An Arizona State University study found that a daily 500mg dose triggers more abdominal fat-burn – helping you to burn up to 39 per cent more fat during exercise. Good enough to peel away that stubborn layer of fat.
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