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Aug_22, 2014.jpg Pour Cold Water

Don’t turn on the water heater. Despite making your manhood shrink, cold baths actually increase testosterone, found a study in the Journal of Applied Physiology. That’s not all. When taken post-gym, they also boost your immune system.
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Aug_21, 2014.jpg A Big Deal

Men think a seven-inch erection is ideal, but women actually prefer an inch less, reports a study. Not only did women consider a larger-than-average member undesirable, their ideal size matched that of the average package. The mythology of the oversize member comes from your own desires. It’s a way men size each other up, says an expert.
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Aug_20, 2014.jpg Hangover

If your calves feel tight after a tough gym workout or a difficult run, sleep with your feet hanging off the bed. Gravity will take over, lightly stretching them all night. You won’t ever need to worry about waking with stiff muscles again.
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Aug_19, 2014.jpg Muscle Food

Beef and fish are great, but if you’re trying to strip fat and pack on lean muscle, you’ve got to include more fungi in your diet. Mushrooms inhibit the production of the growth-limiting oestrogen in your body, helping you make very manly gains. Building a better physique has never been this “fun”.
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Aug_18, 2014.jpg Twist And Turn

You need more than your legs to run. A strong core is key to stamina. But crunches and sit-ups are a painful waste of time as they work only your superficial abs. To strengthen the deeper, stabilising muscles, use rotational moves, like Russian twists. Get ready to hit a PB.
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Aug 15, 2014.jpg Sweet Gains

The best time to eat ice cream: After your workout. The insulin spike from a small bowl of the dessert increases protein synthesis in your muscles, found a study. But if you can’t stomach the sweetness, go for sugar-free yogurt instead. Experts say that the stuff ups your muscle growth rate. Building a better physique doesn’t get yummier than this.
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Aug 14, 2014.jpg Brighten Up

You’ve made her upset again – now what? Buy her a pair of neon-coloured heels, of course. Experts say that the thrill of getting new shoes in a bright colour releases hormones associated with excitement and happiness – namely dopamine, norepinephrine and oxytocin. It’s an injection of excitement – when you need it most.
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You won’t want to switch on the water heater again.
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We’ll never be as good-looking as model-actor Godfrey Gao, but we can always try.
Stretching those tight muscles doesn’t get easier than this.
And if you’re really dating one, run while you still can.
The only move you need to burn more fat and build lean muscle.
This super food also helps you pack on lean muscle and strip fat.
A healthy breakfast doesn’t have to taste like crap – not when you have these great hawker centre dishes to choose from.

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