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Apr_17.jpg Virus Killer

Fend off the flu the Zen way. Practising yoga can strengthen your immune system, say experts. After a 90-minute session, participants had nearly double their usual amount of a peptide that attacks microbes. The relaxation provided by yoga probably lowers production of the stress hormone cortisol, which then triggers the release of the peptide. 
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Apr_16.jpg Prick Up

A little prick could perk you up. Acupuncture may be a viable treatment for depression, suggests a new study. Patients with the blues who received acupuncture saw similar mental health improvements as those who had counselling – and felt better after three months than those who stuck to their regular anti-depressant regimen. 
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Apr_15.jpg Soap Opera

Studies found that long-term daily use of “antibacterial” soaps containing triclosan or triclocarban may have more harm than benefit. Not only is there no evidence that these products are more effective at preventing illness compared to plain soap and water, the compounds within also carry possible health risks, such as hormone disruption and antibiotic resistance. 
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Apr_14 Getty.jpg Mock Meat

Experts found that chicken isn’t necessarily the main component in fast food chicken nug-gets, especially the white “meat” portion: Some are composed of as much as 50 per cent skeletal muscle, with the rest consisting of fat, blood vessels, nerves, connective tissues and even bone fragments. That will lay our nugget cravings to rest. 
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Apr_11.jpg Muscle Food

Eat a peanut butter and jam sandwich within 20min of your workout. Spread natural (palm oil free) peanut butter and organic jam on two slices of white bread. The high-GI carbohydrates and the protein in peanut butter will give you a sugar spike. That, in turn, helps muscle-building nutrients reach your cells faster, say experts.
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Apr_8.jpg Like A Bull

Soup of the day – oxtail. Loaded with nutrients that promote healthy erectile function, this meaty offal adds more than a swish to your sex life. One of those is vitamin B12 – which experts say will help to increase blood flow. It also contains your RDA of zinc – hugely important for male sexual health.
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Apr_7.jpg Dis-Like

Columbia University in the US found that your self-control dips if the last thing you looked at is a social networking site. Which, with everyone posting about burgers and nights out, is logical. Peruse a site that will boost your resolve, such as, before logging off.
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