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Oct_31_2014.jpg Rise And Burn

Wake up, work out, have breakfast – that’s the most effective morning routine to strip fat from your middle, found a UK study. Exercising in a fasted state burns up to 20 per cent more fat. Now go set your phone alarm.
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Oct_30_2014.jpg A Handful

There’s one act that practically all ladies loathe: Fingering like you’re digging for change in a coin jar. The main problem: Her vagina is super-sensitive to scrapes and scratches, so your well-intentioned poking can wind up doing more harm than good. Give her a helping hand by making sure your nails are trimmed. And take things slow.
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Oct_28_2014.jpg Stay Hot

Stop wasting time in the gym if you want to see a better physique in the mirror. Keep rests under five minutes to stop your temperature from dropping. Getting cool inhibits your performance, says elite British fitness trainer James King. Ogle the babes only when you’ve finished your workout.
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Oct_29_2014.jpg Hot Stuff

Think you’re pretty hot for popping that multi-vit? Think again: The humidity in your kitchen cupboards can reach 86 per cent, causing your supplements to degrade, say experts. Your bathroom is even worse. Keep fish oil in the fridge and the rest in a cool drawer somewhere in the living room.
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Oct_27_2014.jpg PB Boost

If you’re chasing an IPPT 2.4km station PB, make sure you include some onions in your pre-test meal. The flavonoid quercetin in the pungent bulb gives your VO2 max an instant boost, says researchers from the University of South Carolina in the USA. Warn the other runners that you may fire off farts as you race for gold.
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Oct_24_2014.jpg A-head

Guys who watch a tonne of porn tend to show reduced grey matter and weaker connections between their left and right brain, say experts. In plain English, porn makes you less able to be logical and creative – at the same time. Curb your XXX activities online, and you’ll be making your brain adapt to some other routine.
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Oct_23_2014.jpg Squash That Spider

Take a good look at your balls – yes, your balls. If you see dilated veins, which are similar to spider veins, in your scrotum, schedule an appointment with a specialist immediately. These dastardly things may cause infertility and testicular shrinkage, say experts.
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Now go set your phone alarm.
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