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Sep_02, 2014.jpg Vital Stats

Not that you’d want to do this, but to gauge how open she is to having a one night stand, check her hip width – the measurement between two widest bits of the hip bones. Experts say you’re in luck if it’s 14 inches (36cm) or wider – about the width of Men’s Health Singapore if you hold the magazine open.
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Sep_01, 2014.jpg Man Up

Boost your sperm count by up to 60 per cent: Replace two servings of processed red meat (like breakfast ham and luncheon meat) with fish, say experts. The swimmer’s high omega-3 content and absence of growth hormones may help your own swimmer thrive.
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Aug_29.jpg Say “Yes”

Intersperse her chat with phrases like “yes, that’s so true”. It mimics the speech patterns women use to bond – the best precursor to a sexy time. The best part about this shrewd tactic: Not only will you cut her monologue short, you’ll also get her to say “yes” to more time in bed.
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Aug_28.jpg Strong Base

Evening jogs? Bah! When it comes to fending off belly fat, you need to build muscular legs, say experts. People with the most muscle mass on their legs had the least visceral fat, the dangerous kind that surrounds organs. Compared with smaller muscles, those in your leg burn more fat before it can deposit around your organs.
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Aug_27.jpg Ho-hum

The easiest race day tip ever. If you find your brain in a state of mild panic at the marathon or 2.4km station start line, start humming your favourite tune. Humming before a big race regulates your oxygen level and your breathing, helping you stay calm.
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Aug_26.jpg A Step Back

Try this during your next long run: At intermittent periods, run backwards for 30 seconds or less. It may look a bit weird, but back-pedalling actually builds ankle flexibility. Whether in the gym or on the track, supple ankles give you greater range of motion, helping you ward off injury.
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Aug_25.jpg Walk It Off

It’s amazing what a 30-minute midday stroll can do for your sleep quality at night. Sleep re-searchers at Loughborough University in the UK say that a short afternoon walk is better for shut-eye than exhausting yourself in the gym. You now have the perfect excuse to es-cape the office.
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